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  • lm_lionheart
    Hello everyone,
    In the spirit of other peoples post I am posting about my experience with Rituximab since I couldn't find much about it prior to switching. 
    I was on Gilenya for the last year, which worked fine as well.  Didn't have any side effects that I could tell and no new brain lesions at 1 year.  My neurologist left, so I switched neurologists, and she wanted to be more aggressive in my treatment (plus the rebound from rituximab is supposed be less terrible, which is a consideration in case I want to get pregnant in the next bit) so we opted to switch to Rituxin.  
    Came off my Gilenya about 4 weeks before my first infusion was scheduled to allow my lymphocytes to come up a bit.  Had blood test 1 week prior to infusion to make sure that happened.  
    Just did my infusion yesterday.  Had no side effects during the infusion, got done in about 4 hours from the start of the infusion.  The benadryl made me crazy sleepy, still a little sleepy today.  Have a bit of a headache, but nothing that some tylenol didn't help.  
    I am 32, have RRMS, was just diagnosed 1 year ago.  
    Hope this is informative for anyone!