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  • began1031
    I need help I was recently diagnosed with ms and got a second opinion to confirm which it did.  My problem now is one dr wants to wait to start treatment and one wants to start me on copaxone right away.  Little history I had heat stroke and passed out and that's how I ended up getting first MRI.  1st dr wasn't sure that some if not all of my symptoms were more related to post concussion syndrome or a flare up (both very similar) but now they both say Ms and both are specialists but 1st wants to wait and do another MRI in June before deciding whether to start treatment or not.  From all I heard the sooner you start the better the chance to slow it down. I'm so confused now.  Any thoughts maybe 3rd opinion 
  • maria1
    Two doctors confirm ms, what do you want to happen? If you feel that the dmd disease modifying drugs work and you ought start treatment right away, or, you want to wait and see what your symptoms look like in six months or if there is still disease activity. Emotionally, what would make you feel better? 

    Have you read about the side effects of the drug? Do you know what to expect from the drug? 

    Every day we grapple with the mental physical and emotional us taking care of the one that needs the most attention at the time. You will have to choose, will you regret if you do, or regret if you dont. Get as educated as you can so you can live with ms, without regret.
  • brink250
    Do you understand ur MRI. And how many lesions do u have. Have u had a VEP test and a spinal tap to ck ur protein level
    educationinh ur self is a must
  • began1031
    Hey brink,
                       yeah I ununderstand my MRI I have several lesions on both my brain and thoracic area as well as a positive spinal tap.  I don't doubt the diagnosis both dr's are specialists and recommended by Ms society for my area I only wonder why the difference in how they want to proceed . I'm gonna actually schedule a sit down with both and try and get a clear understanding of each position.  I'll post the results of each and how I decide to move forward 
  • MS_Navigators
    Good Morning,

    That is a really tough situation! While we cannot provide mdical advice, I'd like to give you some resources that you could discuss with your doctors to find the right solution for you.

    Medication Options

    Working with Your Doctor

    Developing a Healthcare Team

    If you have any questions, please call 1-800-344-4867 to speak to an MS Navigator, Monday through Friday, 7am-5pm MT.

    Warm Regards,
    MS Navigator
  • bcavos
    Hi there I am very sorry for you new news its a shock to the system for sure! 
    I think the sit down is very good. Yet if taking the meds now are not too big of a burden I believe the Copaxone would be a big benifet. The side effects of site reaction suck but they are managable (in my case.)
    It dose not modify your immune system, it is thought to be a decoy so your immune system attacks it instead of you Myelin. 
    Can you review the notes of your dr appointments and see if there is an explanation of why he wants to hold off that may help you decide. I don't enjoy taking my shot but it does feel like I am doing something to fight thos thing. 
    Wishing you strength and hope! 
  • brink250
    Hi Began  
      You mentioned you have several lesions so like me we have had this for quite some time 
    from the MRI you would see active lesions do you have any. You do know that (Scaring)the lesions you see can never be repaired. Damage done. YourT-2 flair will show up bright showing active lesions. Do you have any Dawson fingers or black holes on ur MRI. We can go for yrs with out a relapse finding out  I was self employed so when I wasn’t feeling good I just took off work. Now I see I was have a relaps. My MRI first one showed over 25 lesion. Protein was double what it should be. My VEP confirmed  optic nerve damage. Don’t want to be a  Guinea pig for big pharm. from what I have read the Side effects are worse than the MS. My prednisone gets me by for now
    i wish you all the best on this journey 
                   God bless