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  • dcyrdomiko1
    if someone had melanoma cancer, no treatment prescribed just removal of the cancer. Still haven’t been 5 years cancer free, actually still doing CT scans on lungs and  pancreas. Haven’t completed the 4 month test to see if spots grew. Would I be required to have a whole body scan to make sure I’m completely cancer free before starting this new medication? I was reading about this medication and it mentioned cancer. Wondering if I should schedule these tests now before seeing Neurologist 
  • elizabeth-gerber
    Cancer is very prominent in my family, Dr put me on Ocrevus and I did the first dose. I don’t want to do anymore because of the possibility of cancer. I started to use CBD oil and have noticed several improvements in the 3 weeks I have been using it. I know not everyone is the same but I am glad I tried it.
  • katarpillars
    today I found out that it seems the Tecifderra is not working as I just had a new lesion appear.  My neurologist wants to put me on Ocrevus but of course I am terrified.  The cancer worries me and so do infusions and lowered immunity.  And the fact that it’s only been FDA approved since 2018. (I’ve been in the medical field for a long time and I like a little more time for research)A lot of people seem to swear by it though.  Elizabeth, are you only using CBD oil?  You said you didn’t was to do anymore of the Ocrevus treatment, did you stop?  How are things overall?  I know everyone is different but I do like to hear other people’s experiences.