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  • Ayla
    I am a neuly diagnosed MS, but my MS is apparently several years old. My biggest problem is optic neuritis. I need to select a treatment ASAP and would appreciate the experience of those who suffer from optic neuritis. Which treatment(s) have you tried?
  • Chrissyny
    🌻🌻🌻 sorry about your diagnosis, but happy to see you here✌🏼❀️😊✌🏼❀️😊

    although youmight quickly learn learn no two patients have same MS,symptoms, medication and limitations.  BUTTTTT getting informed and others input will help.   Also curious, wondering if this neurologist specializes in MS. 

    I dont need to know but I’m curious...why did dr only recommend these two?
    ocrevus is like two years new.

    also, as of right ow, no meds cure MS.   Possibly getting a second opinion might be able to help you, maybe gather more information from doctors and stuff.

      The MS society, check out the phone number and website, I know they have  information  for people newly diagnosed. They also have a bunch of references are resources, events, things like that, good reading, good information. 

     you’re in the right place, knowledge is power. You deserve it.
    You’ll get there. ✌🏼❀️😊✌🏼❀️😊✌🏼❀️😊✌🏼❀️😊✌🏼❀️😊✌🏼❀️😊✌🏼❀️😊
  • waltzing_matilda
    My initial diagnosis was optic nerve neuritis and I has no signs of disease for about 10 years on Copaxone.  I'm wondering why your MD wants to start you the drugs you listed.  Do you recover function between exaccerbations?
  • Ayla
    Thanks for your response!  I have not recovered after flare-ups.  My blurry vision is only getting worse. It gets worse, stays stably bad, gets worse with another flareup, stays stable at the new low, and so on.