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  • Beachhaven
    My neurologist wants me to start Aubagio. Anyone with any experience with Aubagio? Side effects? How lomng do they last?
  • Chrissyny
    glad to see you here. 
    Possibly  contracting the society or looking at their website for additional resources Maybe you can call or touch base on for people switching therapies are going on a new therapy.  β€οΈβœŒπŸΌβ€οΈβœŒπŸΌπŸ˜Šβ€οΈβœŒπŸΌπŸ˜Š 

    i don’t know anything about this drug. However some thing are stirring in my head and I’ll share what I have✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼
    How long have you had MS-is this your first drug?
    Why this particular drug?
    How long drug on market?
    Is it that it’s new and their pushing it?
    Are there any other drugs recommend or was it like THIS one only?
    Again WHY this particular drug.
    If this Is your first diagnosis with this doctor, possibly a second opinion to see what they have to say/recommend.
     you’re in the right place, do some more research and reading, somethings will shed light on you.
     like they say knowledge is power. ❀️✌🏼😊❀️✌🏼😊❀️✌🏼😊❀️✌🏼😊
    Keep smiling ✌🏼
  • lovereign
    Hello beachhaven,
    I have been on Aubagio since 12/20/17. It was my first pick. It was not pushed on me. My neuro wanted me to start Ocrevus. I said, "No, I want to try Aubagio." I did my research on all the DMTs. Aubagio had the least severe side effects and less side effects overall. Also I would rather take one pill a day than to be injecting myself several times a week or to go to the hospital for infusions. I am on 14 mg but they also have 7 mg tablets. Those in the controlled trials had higher efficacy on the 14 mg. The only side-effect I experienced was hair loss during the first six months of starting therapy. It's no longer an issue. Last year when I went for my annual MRI I had many "old" lesions that were not active but would occasionally cause symptoms due to the damage on those particular nerves. I did have one active lesion though. I just saw my neuro last Wednesday the 13th for my MRI. He put up the images of both scans on a lit board so he could compare and show me that I now have no active lesions. I told him that is so great and that Aubagio must be working for me. He agreed. Over the course of 2018 I did have one relapse which I'm still getting over (specifically short-term memory loss, trouble concentrating, leg spasms and pain). However, this relapse has been relatively mild compared to the first which was very severe. This one was so mild in fact that I decided to ride it out until it passes. I could have but did not go to the hospital for IV steroids; knowing that frequent or long-term corticosteroid use could cause its own side-effects like osteoporosis, mood changes, and diabetes, just to name a few. On a different note: The FDA approved Aubagio in 2012 and Ocrevus in 2017; in case that is something that worries you. The older DMTs largely consisted of interferons. Keep in mind that just because a drug has been around longer, it doesn't mean that it works better than newer drugs for MS. There have been medical advancements including newer therapies that work much better at reducing the amount of relapses and slowing down the progression of the disease. If scientists and researchers settled for the first drug and didn't continue to find a way to improve the drugs for chronic illnesses, we would never get cures. The progress that has been made in just the last two decades regarding MS, is getting us closer to that cure. I'm hopeful yet realistic. I know that until the cure comes, I have many options to treat and manage my MS.
  • cantstopwontstop
    Hi there,
    I have been using Aubagio full doseage since May 2018. Everyone’s side effects vary but I honestly have very few, if ANY! Follow up mri shows I am stable as well. I’m thankful for Aubagio. My first neuro wanted me to use avonex and I don’t prefer to shoot myself with a something and have flu like symptoms and be down and out. I’m an on the go person and I can’t have that! Pills are easy to make a part of my routine.

    good luck in choosing! 
  • cantstopwontstop
    Also reading the post above mine, yes they have the 7 mg tablets you start on, then transition into your full 14 mg doseage - you don’t have the options of just sticking with a 7mg dose.
  • kmb_wa
    I chose Aubagio from multiple options, and started December 2018. So far, side effects have been very mild - some stomach upset. I am starting to think I’m seeing a bit of hair loss (I’m in the third month, which would be typical of this) but it’s supposed to stop around 6 mos in. I’m just seeing more hair in the drain catch, not noticing any thinning.

    I’m on 14mg and my mext MRI isn’t scheduled until June, so i won’t know if this med is keeping new lesions from forming. Fingers crossed!

    i shiuld mention my white blood cell count has dropped quote a bit since starting Aubagio. It was 7.5 end of November 2018. Started Aubagio 14 mg in December, and January blood tests my WBC was 5.6, and Febraury (this month) they were 3.8. Interested to see if they keep declining.
  • cmoore04
    I have been taking Aubagio for more than 2 years. It was my second therapy. Blood tests monthly for the first 6 months. At about month 3, started experiencing hair loss - not severe, but noticeable. It lasted for about 4-6 weeks and got back to normal. I had to interrupt treatment for a few months due to another health issue unrelated to MS. Re-starting was like starting all over again - monthly blood tests, hair loss, etc.  That said, Aubagio has been a very effective treatment for me. In the past year, no new lesions and no relapses. I really like the oral medication, too.

  • echobird
    My biggest complaint was that my hair was falling out and I felt like I had bugs in my hair! Not everyone is the same though. I literally became insane over it or from my OCD and stress. But besides that I believe some flu like symptoms is all that I notice with all of the symptoms but I'm on copaxon now and doing better i believe.
  • cjtmn
    I’ve been on Aubagio since Feb 2017, so just passed 2 years. It was my second medication after a very tough go with Plegridy.

    For me, I had some mild GI issues for a couple of months, but found that it helped to eat lower carb and lower sugar (it flares back up when I stop doing this). 

    I also dealt with hair loss from months 2-6(ish), but only noticeable to me. Once that subsided, my hair came back thicker than before. I do take extra Biotin, which i think helps!

    As of a year ago, I had no new lesions on my MRI and I’ve been free from major relapses. I hope to stay on this for a long time!