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Treating MS


I'm on my 3 neurologist in less than 2 years since being diagnosed. My first doctor was nice enough and seemed knowledgeable, but getting an appointment or time to speak with her was impossible. So I try another...  The second really knew her way around the disease and the history of MS. She wanted my MRI's… Read More

symptoms of medications*

Hello everyone ! So just an update; I finally started my treatment which I don't think I've ever been so happy to actually take medicine a day in my life. But now that I have started it, I need to ask a question. I take Copaxone 40 mg 3x a week injections, if anyone else has ever taken it or is currently taking… Read More


Hi, My name is Gracie.  Recently my lesions have multiplied.  My doctor is taking me off Copaxone and putting me on Gilenya.  I would like to know if anyone is on it and what they think of it.  I appreciate any feedback!   Have a great day! Read More

New (last four months), Help?*

I'm 31, and in May of this year (my birthday actually, cute right?) I was diagnosed with MS. Now looking back I think I've had it for years, and my doctors disregarded my symptoms, which has caused me permanent damage (including loss of feeling in toes and fingers). Since being diagnosed I've had three flare-up… Read More


I noticed on one of the threads someone had asked about Low Dose Naltraxone, but no one responded. I've always been curious about it. Is that something you can easily get a doctor to prescribe? I've also heard it's not very expense. Has anyone tried it and, if so, does it work well for you?  Read More


Hi everyone. I am new here and newly diagnosed wuth MS. My Neurologist wants to start me on Betaseron. He explained it was one of the safest MS Medicines since it has been around a long while. However, researching on my own, there seems to be some pretty rough side effects associated with it. Anyone who has… Read More

I Love Cryotherapy*

Has anybody out there had good results with Cryotherapy.  The type I do is in a chamber that gets to -250 degrees farenheight for 3 minutes.  It helps my pain and my energy and my sleep.  I really feel like it engages my "fight or flight" response by stimulating the parasympathetic/sympathetic type adrenaline… Read More

So confused about Fish Oil/ Omega-3 *

Those of you who have researched Fish Oil/Omega-3 intake, I really appreciate your response: I hae been trying to investigate good fish oil/omega 3 to take, and quantity but an finding it really overwhelming.This is what I understand: 1. Omega 3 is really what we want to be taking for MS. (The other… Read More

Plasma Exchange*

I’m newly diagnosed, symptoms began a few month ago. Was on solu- medrol for 3 days last month with no response. I’m now beginning plasma exchange, anyone else have this procedure? Did it help?  Read More

Leaving Tysabri for Tecfidera?*

Hi! I was curious of who is out there that switched from Tysabri to Tecfidera, or even from Tysabri to a different MS Therapy? I had a flukey JC Virus test the ended up being negative but got me thinking about switching medicines to "hopefully" prevent JCV and PML. I would love any thoughts/advice… Read More

Newly diagnosed .... Tysabri question *

Good evening all, I was diagnosed with RRMS 3 weeks ago. After discussing multiple treatment options with my doctor, I decided IV infusion of Tysabri might be the best choice for me. Main reason why I decided to go with this treatment is because its given once a month and it'll work well with my busy schedule.… Read More


I have been on Copaxone since diagnosed in 1999. For the past year I have noticed I am losing a lot of hair!!! Also gained some weight without changing eating habits. Last week had a very very severe reaction to the 40mg shot in the midriff. An elephant sitting on my chest, difficulty breathing, vomiting and… Read More

SF Bay Area specialist*

I've just changed health care insurance after 10 years with Kaiser, and need to quickly find a new neurologist through Aetna, preferably someone with MS special experience/focus who will follow through on annual MRIs and who has a good bedside/patient manner.  I am clinically stable, but my mom had RRMS that… Read More

Vertigo and newly diagnosed with MS *

Hey everyone, I'm new to this so please bear with me. I'm currently in the hospital I've had vertigo for 10 days and have been diagnosed with MS a few days ago. I just really want to know if the vertigo will go away I'm ready to be back home and back to normal. Has anybody had any experience with this? I'm… Read More

Anyone use provigil for fatigue ?*

i was just given provigil by my dr for fatigue. Anyone have any tips on the best way to use this? I tried 1/2 pill in morning but it didn’t help me through the whole day and I’ve tried a whole pill in the morning and it made me jittery and shaky. I’m still jittery almost 24 hours later. Maybe I’ll try 1/2 in… Read More