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  • Greg_Power

    My MS  causes so much pain  for 7 years i have taken 6 vocodan a day   at one point it was 14  a day    I have my liver and kidneys checked out every 2 months so far so good   but now incredible waves of naseau
    Capsule camnera study  June 2011  - ok
    March blood  liver and kidney OK
    bariun swallow and later an enema in Jauary  OK
    endoscopy  Nov 2012    ok

    Something is NOT right  I am going out of my head  
      IF ANYONE KNOWS ALTENTIVE PAIN MEDS  PLEASE TELL ME     Neuro have me something with a  "V" for spacity   no help    I do the vitamins I am vegan but screw up on sweets   ANY HELP  I am 40 and in LA  if anyone wants to try  a support group    I will  do my bst to egt it going

    How do your loved ones respond  mine ae scared and ignore it


  • Avatar
    Your family and friends can see your suffering but don't know what to do for you.  The depression can be unbearable at times, not to mention the other symptoms.  Tell them what you need.  They won't know unless you tell them.  Find ways to distract yourself from the pain--watch a funny movie, play a video game, find a support group.  Nothing pharmaceutical touches the pain in my legs.  I have found that a deep tissue massage helps slightly as well as yoga.  The yoga relaxes my legs enough so I can sleep at night (at times).  You aren't alone.  Don't let this beat you.
  • Lainie
    I cut gluten out of my diet after reading Dr. Terry Wahl's book, and I have been delighted to discover that it has had a huge impact on my pain! I now no longer eat breads and cereals of any kind, and my pain continues to diminish!
  • lisa76
    I too have a burning leg pain that can be unbearable. On my second med now but that one too doesn't really help. The nausea could be a flare up. For 4 months I had constant nausea and vomiting which left me in the hospital for 3 days and down to 90 lbs. Endoscopy was fine too. Not until after all that suffering did I finally call my ms specialist and found out it was a flare. I never thought vomiting and nausea was a flare up. If it persists talk to ur neuro. As for the leg pain I dunno unfortunately...still dealing with mine. I hate it though. Best wishes.

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