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  • michd2006
    Hi everyone, I'm newly diagnosed with RRMS on 6/27, finished IV steriod treatments last tuesday.  Started copaxone on Monday.  Cognitively better however I can't get the numbness of extremities, the cramping and spasticity of legs feet to stop.  I am anxious and very frustrated.  I am a nurse and out of work until I get better, wanted to get back to work on Friday however this relapse is not subsiding.  Any advise?
  • Avatar
    Hi!  I wanted to respond to your post.

    You mention that you are experiencing spasticity.  Has your doctor mentioned trying Baclofen?  It's a pretty common medication used for spasticity in MS.  There are other medications too which might be helpful.  I've included a link to our website here with information on spasticity and how to treat it:

    Unfortunately, there are no medications that treat the numbness you are experiencing.  Here is another link to our website with info on that:
  • maria1
    You must focus on relaxing, make believe you are on vacation., Yes, you
    have much that must be done and it will not get resolved with anxiety,
    stress, and tension. Create a space of relaxation tranquility that will
    enable all the muscles to relax, you can tense all the muscles then relax
    them to see if you are unconsciously stressing the muscles. Yoga is good,
    meditation works. Like the movie 'Fantastic Voyage' take the trip through
    your body, let the outside world fade behind the need for you to focus on
    relaxing the body. Drinking plenty of water helps to expel the congestion,
    and diaphramatic breathing helps deliver more oxygen to the cells. Inner
    peace is a primary goal, and the way to control plenty. Self awareness and
    self observation.

  • michd2006
    Thanks for the response.  Unfortunately I have had gastric bypass and I am not able to take NSAIDS or related meds.  I will need to look into the meds and ask my gastric bypass doctor if these will be acceptable.  Thanks for the info.
  • lizzybell
    i am a nurse also. dx last year. the pain,spasicity has never gone away since the day in the ER....baclofen takes the edge off. on a desk job now,which i am thankful for. much rather be caring for patients. i just dont think i could physically do it. also i was and ER nurse. having trouble retaining info also. cognitivley having trouble. how are you dealing with that part?  i just dont think i could keep up...
  • msandme
    I've had the same problem, like many others have said it does get better. I have lived with MS for eleven years and the cramping and spasiticty are a new norm the medication that helped me was Zanflex but now it stopped working. Sometimes with the steroid treatment you do feel better other times, it doesn't help as much. I also have had to learn to go to my happy place as I call it another thing my doc said was that stress always makes symptoms worse. I have learned to have patience and to let my body be my guide although I always have the numbness and spacisity I have learned to cope.

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