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  • me4fire
    I was diagnosed 12/22/2008 and have had my first flare since diagnosis.  I have fought thru a year of declining vision.  My neurologist said it was not my MS, referred me to an eye doctor, in addition to the declining vision (blurred vision) I suffer from excrutiating pain in my right eye, and my right eye only.  The eye doctor told me the declining vision was due to age (I am 40 y/o/f). He told me that he saw a corneal abrasion on my R eye and referred me to a corneal specialist at the local university.  The corneal specialist said I don't have any injury to my right eye but I have "dry eye syndrome not related to my MS or my Copaxone Rx".  He had me take flax seed oil to deal with the dry eye syndrome which helped with the R eye pain.  My vision declined to the point that I could not see to log into my computer at work on 4/16/12.  I was sent home (they had to call my hubby to pick me up even though I drove to work).  I tried oral Prednisone which did not help the blurred vision.  I spent 4 days inpatient on Methoprednisone IV, shot my blood sugar off the charts... I still can barely see.  I am once again faced with the MD's telling me that there is nothing else they can do for me for my vision. My hubby wants me to try this Occuvite med. It seems to have a protein in it that I dont want to interfere with the Copaxone.  Does anyone have any info that can help with my vision being blurred suddenly 4 years after diagnosis, or any Copaxone folks having info on Occuvite?  I need to get back to work!  I know you all know the game of being shuffled from one specialist to another.... I for one am tired of it!  If anyone has any ideas for getting my eyes to focus again would be appreciated!
  • MS_Navigator_Brian
    Dear Me4Fire,
    Thank you for posting.  It sounds like you are doing everything right, but are getting frustrated with the results, or lack thereof.  I am including an educational link regarding vision and MS on the Nat. MS Society website. (Hopefully your vision issue is temporary).  Also inlcuded is a link to WebMD.  WebMD provides additional information about drug interactions. We still encourage you to speak with your neurologist regarding ocuvite and possible interactions with copaxone.  I am moving your post to the "Treating MS" group discussion section, as you may get additional info. and insight there.  I hope this information is helpful. Brian

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