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  • Kozza90277
    New to Nuedexta

    I have just been put on Nuedexta, for MS of course but not really sure what is being targeted
    Neuro said it will supress spontaneous laughing and crying, which I do not have.
    Also will help with depression and cognitive problems, which I also think I do not have too much problem with.

    To add yet another pill twice a day to all the others, is it worth it??

    Question to fellow Nuedexta-ers "Does this medication, Do anything to help you"

    thanks for all replys

  • DrCherie
    Nuedexta is FDA approved in the US for PBA - episodes of uncontrolled laughing and / or crying.  However, many medications have uses and potential to help treat other issues beyond the scope of what is FDA approved.  In this case, Nuedexta effects 3 neurotransmitters - Glutamate, Serotonin and Dopamine - through effects on 2 receptors - sigma 1 and NMDA.  Given that these 3 neurotransmitters are modulated (changed) to achieve benefits for a patient, there are other areas where the medication may possibly benefit a patient.  Some examples where Nuedexta is under study include irritability / agitation, cognitive effects, anxiety, pain and more. I hope this is helpful to you.  It is important to talk with your doctor to understand why you are being told to take any medication and to be sure you both agree on your treatment plan.  Any treatment is a partnership between doctor and patient.  
  • Avatar
    Nuedexta is for PBA (or pseudo-bulbar affect), which is caused by MS.  Many have PBA without knowing it.  I took it for a bit and it helped with the PBA (dramatically), but not sure why your neuro would have you take it if you aren't experiencing the laughing or crying or overreacting to seemingly normal situations and dialogues.  I would talk to your neuro about it. Why take something unnecessarily?
  • Kozza90277
    Thanks for thr reply ::::
    My Neuro said Nuedextra would help with cognitive issues, which I think, I do not have!!!
    I got the perscription filled but  have not taken them.