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  • avalon
    We can't get any pain relief from my daughter's migraine and shooting nerve pain all over her body. Narcotics only knock her out, they dont give her pain relief. she cries all night long. We need help and direction!!! she has 2 large lesions on her brain, there use to be 4. Anyone try acupuncture?
  • JulieB
    I have not tried acupuncture but since I started taking Lyrica my migraines have calmed down.  I still get them periodically, but no where near what I had a few months ago.
  • MotherJen
    Hi Avalon.  I know what you are talking about with the migraines that involve full-body nerve pain.  They are horrific!  

    Although I have not tried acupuncture for specific exacerbations for my MS yet (note the yet), I have used it multiple times for a herniated disc in my low back and it has been the only treatment that has successfully controlled my pain and gotten me back on my feet every time I have reinjured.  

    I have also used it for stress management, which I guess is using it for my MS, and that seems to work as well.  For whatever reason, when my doc would stick needles into the tops of my ears I would suddenly go from a ball of stress to a ball of goo.  It is the strangest thing!

    As an Army wife, when we were relocated from Texas to Virginia I asked my acupuncturist how to find a new "him" and he told me to go to the website to find a new practitioner.  He told me to look at websites and make calls to find a new practitioner that I feel comfortable with.  

    I find it to be a completely different philosophy of medicine, but for whatever reason it works for me without mind-altering medications that keep me out of work and life.
  • MS Navigator Jess
    Hi avalon,

    I'll post some general information here about acupuncture and MS below. Has your daughter been seen by a pain management specialist? 

    Acupuncture and MS

    Pain Management Organizations

    I hope this is helpful!  I'll move this topic over to the treatments section, maybe you'll get a few more responses from personal experience there.

    Have a great weekend!


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