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  • Maple
    I was diagnosed with MS 3 years ago. This is the first time I'm having symptoms that seem like they might be optic neuritis.

    -Dull pain in right eye, especially when I move the eye, for the last 2 days.
    -I have poor vision already, but it's been a bit worse in that eye for the last 2 days. The discrepancy between the vision in my eyes, while wearing contacts or glasses, is noticeable enough to be quite distracting.
    -My color vision in that eye is slightly duller. I just noticed this today.
    -Mild headache on and off the last 2 days.

    I've recently moved to a new state and i don't have a family doctor or neurologist yet. I do have an appt. with a new family doc on Monday, but that is 4 days from now, and I don't know if I should be trying to do something about this sooner than that?

    I'm on Avonex. I have never gotten IV steroids before.
  • Maple
    I just got back from the Ophthalmologist. He said it's not optic neuritis, but some kind of eye inflammation. He gave me steroid eye drops. I hope they work!
  • kittymomma
    Hi Maple... I think you need to go to the closest Emergency Room, that's what I had to do in the beginning of August.  I had lost my central vision in my left eye for 4 days.... I waited, thinking it would go away and that I had possibly scratched my cornea somehow.  By the 4th day, I knew it was much more than that.  I went to the county hospital (my job doesn't offer insurance), and they immediately sent me to the Ophthalmologist in the same building.  After dilating my eyes and seeing nothing, they had me come back the next day to look at it without dilation.  They still saw nothing, so they ordered an emergency MRI.  The MRI showed lesions in my brain, so the eye doctor called at 8:30 that evening telling me to go to the ER the following morning and to get admitted for IV steroids for 5 days!  The neurologist came that day, took my history and did an exam, then ordered a spinal tap and 2 more MRI's of my spine.  One with contrast, one without.  My eye was slightly  better by day 3 of IV steroids (it had been diagnosed as optic neuritis, btw), and by day 5 it was almost back to normal (whatever normal is... I have bad eyes, and the left eye has always been the really bad one).  

    The neurologist said the spinal tap results wouldn't be in for 3-4 twks, so I went crazy waiting to find out if the diagnosis was MS or not.  When I finally got in to see him, he showed me the MRI's of my brain (there were a few lesions, along with swelling of the optic nerve that caused the optic neuritis), and lesions on my spine from the myelin damage.  Therefore, he determined I do have MS.  

    I am giving you this history because a couple of weeks later, my eye got blurry again (although not NEAR as bad as the first time... I just wanted to keep that from happening again), so I called the nurse asking for some oral Prednisone so I wouldn't have to miss anymore work.  Unfortunately, the Doctor ordered outpatient IV Infusions for 3 days (which gives you a much stronger dose than the oral Pred), and by the end of day 3, with no improvement, I asked for oral once again.  I was on the oral meds for 12 days, and it wasn't until the last dose that my eye has finally returned to 'almost' normal!  This was just 2 days ago.  

    I already had an opthalmolgy appointment scheduled for last Friday, so during the exam I asked about the severity of optic neuritis and what the chances were of developing permanent damage from it.  He told me that with repeated occurrences, I COULD get permanent damage from it, but as you know, MS is so unpredictable, there's no way to know exactly what's going to happen.  

    Therefore, I highly suggest you get to the nearest ER, and tell them you have MS, go through the tests, and get on IV steroids ASAP.  You don't want to wait and risk losing all or part of your vision permanently!!!  Please post what you decide to do, and I'm praying for you to get the help you need....
  • SusieH
    I kept thinking about you all night - please give us an update!! Sending you lots of prayers and hugs :) :) :)
  • SusieH
    I would say URGENT.  I had optic neuritis two weeks after I was finally diagnosed with MS (14 years ago).  It started with eye pain, blurry vision and the colors seemed to get dull with everything.  Then out of the blue my right eye - I was not completely blind, I could see light but I could not make out a black large object against a white wall!  It was the scariest thing I have ever been through in all my years with MS.  Thankfully, a week in the hospital being pumped full of steroids helped!  My right eye still shows a little damage (only to the Eye Doctor), but I don't have any other vision issues - other than just getting older!  If I were you, I wouldn't wait. It can be taken care of fairly easy if it Optic Neuritis  - Good Luck!!
  • SusieH
    That's good news - Glad you had it checked out, better safe than sorry!

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