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  • Cher62
    Hello! I started my daily injections of copaxone last week and am feeling so much better than I have felt in months. Does it usually work this fast? How will I know if its slowing down the progression? I welcome any comments and or suggestions Thanks!
  • Cher_S_
    Hi Cher,
    My name is also Cher.  I went off of Copaxone in about February of this year.  I had been on it for 15 years.  I believe that it is because of Copaxone that my MS is as mild as it is and that I have gotten along so well for such a long period of time.  People who don't know me have no idea that I have MS.  I don't remember how long it took for me to start feeling the effects of the Copaxone in the beginning because it was so long ago,  but like I said it has been very good for me.  I found out I had MS in 1994.  My mother had MS, my sister had MS and of course I
    have it also.  I have alot of experience with it to relate to others with.  I'm glad you have began this therapy and wish you the best of blessings with this cronic and some times devastating disease.  I'd love to hear from you.
  • MS_Navigator_Brian
    Hello Cher,
    Thanks for your post.  I am glad to hear that you are feeling better.
    It will vary as to how quickly the disease modifying medications will start working. Please work closely with your neurologist in regards to symptom changes. Your neurologist may also request follow-up MRIs.  Together, as team, you will decide if the copaxone is working well for you.
    I am including a link to the copaxone educational information on the National MS Society website. This link includes educational info. about copaxone and provides the phone number to Shared Solutions-Patient Assistance Program for copaxone.  They may have additional insight..
    I hope this is helpful. Brian
  • kittymomma
    Hi Cher62,  
    I started my Copaxone injections on Sunday, so last night was day 3.  I read this post and had to see how you're doing on it.... It gives me hope that you're already feeling better!  I didn't think it could work that fast, but I pray it does!  
    Hope you keep feeling better, and I'm interested in seeing how it's working for you!
  • Maura_G
    That's great that you are feeling better. 

    You could just be getting over your symptoms or it could be the medication.  But I think the meds take a while to start working through your system.      

    I started feeling better after I started too, and haven't had any real issues since then.  

    I think you have to wait until your next MRI to see how you are doing.  If you are just diagnosed it should be in about 6 months. 

    But keep up the therapy, it's really not bad at all.  Try to eat healthy and if you can exercise.  My muscle spasms have pretty much gone away since I started working out and I notice I feel much better after I hit the gym. 

    Take care, keep us posted.
  • Cher62
    Thanks Maura! Much appreciated! Cher
  • Cher62
    Hi Brian Thanks for the link to the copaxone website and the great advice as well! I'm thoroughly enjoying these great days I am having! Take care Cher
  • Cher62
    Hi Suzy! It's wonderful meeting someone that has so much in common with me! I would love to share stories with you. I'm still feeling so good and cannot believe how quickly it took affect. If you are on Facebook send me a friend request I'm Cheryl Spiridigliozzi Norris and we can chat. How are you feeling today, day 4? Let me know k
  • kittymomma
    I'm just now able to get online and check my comments... I'm still trying to figure out how this site works!  I AM on FB, and this site is quite a bit different, so I'm having a hard time learning to navigate on here to find any comments and/or replies!  
    I'm doing very well this week... today makes 7 days on Copaxone... Although, I DID  miss last nights injection .  I called the nurse at Shared Solutions and she said to just wait until my injection time tonight...  
    How are YOU feeling???
  • Cher62
    Lol I'm having challenges as well maneuvering around this site! Yesterday I was down with a severe headache but back up and at em today. I can see how one could forget an injection cuz I didn't have mine til late last night and I thought that is what caused my headache. How are you feeling? Notice any difference ? We are just 2 days apart in our injection journey lol
  • kittymomma
    Wow, I had a severe headache yesterday, as well!  Strange!  That's why I didn't take my injection.... I felt nauseated from the headache and didn't want to deal with the injection.  I thought I'd get up and do it this morning, but now I'm just gonna wait.  Strange that you had the same issue yesterday...
    I've felt pretty good this week... I don't know whether I can say it's due to the Copaxone or just a coincidence...  I really don't think it's supposed to work that fast!  I've read a lot about it, and it can't cure and current symptoms, but helps keep you from forming new lesions over time.   
    The nurse that taught me how to do the injections has been on Copaxone from the very beginning, when it was in the trial phases, over 20 years ago.  She's only had 4 relapses in 20 years!  I've had 3 since August, so I was so excited to hear her story :)
    Btw, I sent you a friend request on FB 
  • Cher62
    Hi Cher! Thanks for reaching out. As you know I'm very new to this and after hearing about you and your mom and sister how can they say that this is not heredity? I'm so thankful that I got it right the first time around with the copaxone! I'm pretty much symptom free where as for the past 9 months or so there was no let up from the symptoms! It was terrible! I would really enjoy sharing stories please keep in touch! Do you have a Facebook? Have a most wonderful Thanksgiving Cher!