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  • MrsGymRat
    Why is it necessary to drink a lot of water when taking the Disease Modifying Medications?

    I work out six (weightlifting and cardio) days a week. This weekend I read an article where someone who has a similar workout routine as me drinks a gallon of water a day. That's double what I usually drink.

    A little voice in my head reminded me that the Betaseron nurse told me I might not be drinking enough water and thus the reason for my fatigue. I decided to experiment and drink a gallon today. I do feel better. Maybe all along, I haven't been drinking enough water. I started Betaseron on Oct 15 and started the full dose two weeks ago. Once I started the 3/4 strength dose that's when I started to feel really bad.

    I figured if someone with a similar workout routine as me is drinking a gallon of water a day I should certainly try it since my nurse keeps mentioning that I need to drink plenty of water.

    I'm also going to change my workout routine. I'm going to lift weights three days a week instead of six and do continue with cardio six days a week.
  • MotherJen
    As a nurse, I always discuss increasing water consumption with my patient's who are taking medications that could affect the liver or kidneys.  We, as MS patients, take medications that are processed through our liver.  Water is the liver's biggest "cleaner" and therefore imperative for us to increase at a minimum the day before, day of, and day after our injections in an attempt to keep our livers healthy and strong.  Remember MrsGymRat, you are athletic so you need to drink even more water.
  • Jessi
    I've noticed that when I make sure I drink an extra amount on the days that I take my Avonex, I don't feel as crappy the following day.  I have no idea why, but the way I see it, it's such an easy way to feel better!!   Good luck to you!
  • broganrandall
    You're absolutely correct, Water intake is absolutely necessary these days. Another important thing's that the water filter is required now more than ever. We aren't getting clean water any longer from the governments.