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  • gina1

    Looking to see if anyone may know of financial assisstance provided for this device?

  • MS_Navigator_Robin

    Hi Gina,

    Thanks for posting!

    There may be a few resources for financial help with Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) devices like the Bioness and WalkAide...State Assistive Technology Programs offer information on funding sources for technology devices, and local Centers for Independent Living also sometimes have grants for accessibility products. 

    Some of our chapters also offer limited assistance toward the cost of assitive technology devices like the FES.  To find out if that help is available in your area, call an MS Navigator at 1-800-344-4867, option 1.

    I hope that's helpful!  Good luck!

  • gina1
    The initial request to my ins was denied, but I am appealing. It is like a day and night difference for me. I am doing the trial period and with or without insurance I am buying this device. Did you love your result as much as I did? After 23 years of dealing with this it is starting to really impede my life. Hoping this is going to turn it around. Where do you live?
  • Jeff_H_
    Thank You for posting this info! I tried the L300 18 months ago and really liked it, but of course my ins. wouldn't cover it...recently walking has become very difficult and I am looking at the L300 as a necessary aid to stay active!
  • gina1
    I am in Austin,TX.  My trial unit is here. Just waiting on the rep from Houston to fit the device and go over the daily procedure with me. Our appt is on Wed. of this week. Let ya know how it goes.
  • gina1
    My trial unit arrived and I have an appt with the rep to do my fitting, efducation... I am a real estate agent and I feel it is a necessary device for me as well.
    Call Bioness, some ins does cover it. I am really hoping to get a way to pay for this figured out.

    Good Luck,