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  • Rich1007
    Hi Everyone,

    Does anyone have and opinions on using  crutches instead of a cane or a scooter.  I can walk but I trip over my feet mainly due to toe drag, drop, and spasicity.  I'd like to try using crutches to walk since a cane is no longer working for me and dragging a scooter into and out of a restaraunt or store etc... is a bit of a pain. 

    Does anyone have any opinions on crutches?  Are they effective?  Recommendations?

    Thanks in advance.
  • maria1
    There will be an adjustment to upper body muscle use. The metal canes that grasp the upper arms and are maneuvered by the hand held bars would be my choice, the muscles in the arms would pick up the slack instead of the armpits, and the hands would aid in balance(i think) Do you use a cane with the four posts on the bottom? Have you tried the brace that gives stimulation to the muscle?
  • hope2015
    Highly suggest checking out a rollator! Never knew what one was, it is so much better and safer for me than a cane (which I still use a lot). I just assumed it was a walker for old people (my sister in laws 85 yr old father got one-until after falling...needing stitches my brother got me one. It has a seat, brakes (don't laugh) and its all wheels. It is so useful and it folds up like a folding chair when situation calls for it ( I take out my fold up cane I keep in the rollator) many types, I will be looking into a 3 wheeler for accommodating places, situations, etc. It gives me so much more independence- I encourage you to try one-it makes a world of difference. Best of luck.
  • LK031110
    Hi There - I have used Trekking Poles for over 20 years. They help with balance a lot. I like them better than crutches, etc because they keep my upper body strong and are more portable and lighter than crutches. Unfortunately I am getting weaker so I have moved to using a manual wheelchair for longer stretches, or for places like the airports and shopping malls. A nice light manual wheel chair is handy on many levels. I roll myself when tired, I can use it as a walker when I have more energy, and I can roll my luggage or shopping bags around without issue. Experiment with lots of tools and find what works for you.
  • 1greekfighter
    I use the metal cane with the cuff and I like it so much better plus I feel safer
  • heather888
    If your foot drags (foot drop) have you considered wearing a splint? This helps to 'lift' the foot when walking.
  • cbubbles63
    I don't know if your neurologist offered this option for foot drop, but my dr fit me for an AFO that is goes under my foot almost to my toes and up the back of my leg with a strap that is hooked in the front with Velcro. It was made from a cast of my foot and leg. I started with a cane but after lots of years when my balance got a lot worse, I had to go to a walker. I never used crutches and just in my humble opinion, I don't think they would be easy to get used to. How about a forearm crutch or a 4-pronged cane? Best wishes to you!
  • JSG
    I have been using walking sticks for years, instead of a cane.I feel more balanced and stable. Use a walker inside the house.this year finally bought a luggie scooter for times I just can't walk into stores,etc which is most of the time now.saving energy is important as I fatigue easily
  • Avatar
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