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  • 4intruders
    I've recently been diagnosed with ms. This last week has been unbearable. My left arm is in so much pain that it feels as if all my joints in my fingers and elbow are broken. It burns and itches so much. I can't sleep because the pain is so extreme. Heat and cold things agitate it. I'm usually fine with most pain related things but this is getting out of control. Despite being in the ER with the pain they still only give me basic pain relief (panadol and nurofen) no pain medication works. Im illergic to tramadol and morphine.What helps with your pain like this? Any little things home remedies prescription medication etc just any advice. I'm getting desperate. Thanks in advance!
  • luvinfun_f

    Get a referral for a pain specialist or clinic.  it changed my life.  They can manage your pain better than a neuro or GP.  The pain dr has me on a fentanyl patch and oxycodone for breakout pain.  I also have valium for muscle spasiticity  I also take 5g of d-ribose 3 times a day that really helps w/spasticity (and really really helps w/energy!).  I had MS since I was a kid, but didn't get a diagnosis untill I was 49.  Because i had back problems they gave me some pain meds, but it wasn't enuf.  the pain docs have really managed my pain without making me feel high.

  • capitolcarol

    Hi, I don't know if you are still checking this site.  Oxycodone is great, but doctors won't keep prescribing after a certain period of time.  I also have back problems (recent spinal fusion surgery) and it was convenient that there was a local Spine & Pain Management office.  For pain, I was given an epidural - steroid injection.  Afterwards, it really felt wonderful.   Good luck, Carol

  • kchea

    I'm not familiar with this drug except ads I magazine etc.  I was diagnosed in  2006.  My first and only thought is GET ANOTHER DOCTOR!  Kchea


  • junior1045

    I have tried every pain medicine possible for my MS but the only thing that works is Percocet 10-325mg.. That gabapentin crap did nothing, vicodin did nothing, percocet 5-325 did nothing but when i take the percs 10mg the pain is gone in 15 minutes. I am sure they will work for u. If u arent used to strong pain meds start off with the 5mg and see how it woirks for u