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  • schnejm

    Has anyone found the use of cannabis THC concentrate oil or CBD concentrate oil helpful for MS or spasticity? When I say oil I'm referring to the type made by Rick Simpson. This oil is 95% THC and is black and relatively like toothpaste. Also with the advent of CBD oils becoming legal in all 50 states, they sell CBD concentrates with up to 25% CBD. I wanted to know if any of these are helpful in anyway for ms.

  • lillivonshtupp
    I have not tried the oils, but I’m a professional smoker & have been for 25 years. I believe the whole plant is medicine & they haven’t even discovered all the medicinal chemicals. I seek out CBD in my herb & believe it works very well. It’s great for muscle spasms and for restful sleep. I used to “wake & bake” but this last flair has me cut down drastically. The worst side effect for me is it makes me tired now. But when my pain as me awake at night it is a godsend! Again I use the whole plant. I hear there’s little sleepy side effect when using CBD alone, which is great! Best of luck!

  • CarrieL
    I use CBD oil (Lacuna 1500 mg) to help ease my joint pain from MS. I rub it directly on the affected areas, it provides relief. My ortho massage therapist also uses it for my massages.