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  • teekybird

    Those of you who have researched Fish Oil/Omega-3 intake, I really appreciate your response:

    I hae been trying to investigate good fish oil/omega 3 to take, and quantity but an finding it really overwhelming.


    This is what I understand:

    1. Omega 3 is really what we want to be taking for MS. (The other omega acids, like omega 6 may NOT be good).

    2.  Omega 3 fish oil is actually measured in terms of the milligrams of EPA and DHA.


    I have found a Fish Oil, that to me seems promising, ut I want to know what other people think, or if they have done research as to what might be better:

    Nordic Naturals: Ultimate Omega, Containing 1280 mg in 2 soft gell pills.

    Breakdown is as follows:   EPA:  650 mg;  DHA:  450 mg; and other omega-3's:  180 mg.

    The ingredients are purified deep sea fish oil (from anchovies and sardines)

    Fish oil is processed in Norway, but is distriuted from the U.S.  US patent protected. 

    It says it is Non-GMO Verified and also 3rd party tested for purity.  


    Cost seemed a bit high.  I got it at Whole Foods.  It has 180 pills and cost close to $60.  Since 2 pills is a "serving" it is actually a 90 da supply.  


    Comments really appreciated, particularly on if you think that this is a good product, also if the amount is a good amount to take daily, or other suggestions on what you would recommend instead. I do not really eat a lot of fish as it is, so I think it is a good idea to take the supplement.  I am just worried about it being properly cleaned, pure and containing what will benefit my body.





  • MS_Navigator_Steven

    Hi Teekybird,

    This is Steve with the National MS Society.  I just wanted to share the following link with you.  It will take you to information from our website regarding Omega 3.  I hope this is helpful!!

    If we can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our Information Center at 1-800-344-4867.  

    Take care,


  • Avatar
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  • msbarr

    Hi Teekybird,

    Fish oil can be awfully and overly confusing. You can find out if you're taking the right product by learning your actual omega-3 levels with a  test like this,

    The advice I have received is to get over 1g/day of each EPA and DHA if possible. The fish oil you suggest would give 1.3g/day EPA and 900mg/day DHA. This is pretty good. The price also seems reasonable if its a high quality Norwegian brand.