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  • TKT

    Anyone have experience with a TRUE MS specialist in SC, NC, or GA? If so, tell me about it. Where? Thoughts? Desperately looking for help. 

  • MS_Navigator_Steph

    Hi TKT,

    You can search for a Partner in MS Care on our website at this link.

    I hope this helps!

    MS Navigator Stephanie

  • CindyW
    I see a doc at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, NC that I really like.
  • plaquemom
    Who?  May I ask?
  • cathwilms
    CindyW, do you see Dr Eckstein? I see him at Duke on the 5th. I have to travel an hour and half, which I am dreading due to pain and fatigue. Did you have to have all new MRI's and LP?
  • Avatar
    great dofollow
  • nicole0o0
    I have an appointment with a specialist, first week of January in Charlotte NC. My "regular" neurologist referred me to Neurosciences Institute-Neurology Charlotte.
    I'll try to remember to give a review on my experience. I'm looking forward to this appointment. My regular neurologist is knowledgeable and nice but doesn't have MS expertise and that's what I need.