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  • lisa-dean03
    Hi all 
    have had a recent Mri which showed my brain lesions are still the same, my lesions on c1-4 have some resolution but I have a new leison on c5, so they want me to start copaxone 3x per week. 

    Has as anyone had any experiences of this drug please?. I have been drug free for 15 yrs but in the last 2 yrs have relapsed twice.

    im fit and well under normal circumstances but for 2 years have had problems with my left leg and foot drop.

    thankyou X 
  • jyarborough
    I have been on 3x weekly Copaxone since being diagnosed a year ago. It took me while to get used to the shots and dealing with the injection site reaction,. I find that icing 20 minutes or so after the shot and a little bit the next day helps a lot.

    I have a had no relapses and not had an MRI since to see what the lesions are doing. Dr says as long as I dont have a relapse no MRI until 09/16.

    You mileage may vary
  • lisa-dean03
    Thankyou for that advice :)
  • MS_Navigator_Steph

    Hello lisa-dean03,

    I included some information about 40mg Copaxone below. I hope it's helpful.

    Warm Regards,

    MS Navigator Stephanie

  • jacobrose09
    Sooo, I've read your post *Copaxone. It sounds as though we're in the same boat (so to speak.) My C1-2 plaques/lesions have no resolution where others down the spine are; and, again others developing in the T-disk regions. I began this journey with 'Transverse Myelitis' and since have been told that my MRI's are showing copaxone is working. 

    However, my symptoms seem to be getting worse. I have pains that randomly appear and disappear throughout my body and extremities (particularly my R side.) Numbness in back, spinal shock... the list goes on and i'm sure you're very well aware of it yourself. 

    To get to my point, I'm very curious as to what you've ran across in research for different people and your own personal experiences with Copaxone. Is it really working? Should I/WE be at concern for developing some other illnesses (e.g. cancer, thyroid, weight gain, mood swings, etc?)

    I sincerely hope you're doing well. 
  • ambermcc
    what did you decide to do?
  • ambermcc
    How were you drug free for 15 years?

    thank you