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  • katcal16
    I am curious to know if anyone with PPMS has used the drug Ibudilast (Ibudilast, AV-411, MN-166, Ketas, Pinatos, Eyevinal)    off label as a treatment for PPMS.  I thought surely in one of these groups a simple search would turn up at least a few people mentioning this drug, as trials and studies seem to be favorable as a treatment for PPMS.  Alas, I found only one lonely topic asking if anyone else had heard of/used the drug.  Please if anyone has personal experience with this as a PPMS treatment, I would love to hear your story.   
  • Michellew58
    Nice to hear from another person withPPMS.  Sorry, I've not used anything in my 25+ years with MS.  However I'm excited to see what my neurologist will say about the new FDA drug Orcevus.
  • maddenbentley
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