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  • moneyp
    Hi, I've had the worst five days and today my Ms has taken on new heights.  Please, if anyone has these symptoms I outline below, and knows how to treat them or calm them down, please email me or post back.  

    I was diagnosed Jan 2016 w Ms, I had a large lesion on my left brain which knocked out my motor skills on the right for a month.  

    What remains is a crushing, pulsating feeling inside my head that comes and goes and it's a total nightmare.

    I've been on nortriptolyne, which worsens it, and I took Gabapentin and for 10 days straight and had total relief.  

    Now this crushing, pressure feeling is ripping through my right side of my head causing dizziness, unequilibrium when I walk, and head tingling, jaw tingling as well.  I've written about this head and face pressue since I started my Ms journey over a  year ago.

    Some chalked it off to allergies or sinus issues, it's not.  It's 100% correlated to my Ms attack and it's worsening.  I spoke with one neurologist and walked through with him what I thought this may be, which is ATN (atypical trygeminal neuralgia) minus the pain.  It's a consideration, and the outcome would be me receiving Lidocaine shots into my trigeminal nerve and the other nerve which i cant remember the name.  

    I'm just at my wits end, and I wish there was something I could take to calm down whatever nerve is being irritated in my head.  Does anyone know or think I should ask for a set of 7 day oral steroids to calm this down?  i've only done that once, and that was when i had the brain lesion, but it worked right away.  Thoughts?  Also, I'll take any and all neurologist recommendations in Las Vegas, NV area or Southern California.  I want to make sure I have the best options and opinions available to me.  Thank you all very much 
  • MS_Navigators

    I'm sorry to read what you are going through!  Everyone with MS experiences symptoms slightly different and I wasn't able to find anything like what you describe on our website.  It does sound like you might be having a flare-up and if that is the case, definitely let your neurologist know what is going and inquire if trying corticosteroids again might help decrease the inflammation that might be causing this.  This link talks about treatment of MS Flares might be helpful to read:

    In addition, you may want to seek another opinion from an MS Specialist on the best way to treat this symptom, you can locate the referrals closest to you by entering your zip code into this link:

    Hang in there! I hope you find some relief soon!
    MS Navigator Ashley 

  • Melly
    Hi there. I have experienced the crushing, pressure feeling in my head that you describe. I also have had severe long lasting headaches with mine. When the headaches would ease, I would describe the pressure in my head like that of when you have a sinus infection, you know like when your head feels as big as the room. (But with out the sinus crud right?) Yes, it makes you dizzy, light headed and even some tingling in head and face. Have you had a spinal tap? My cerebral spinal fluid pressure was slightly increased. Just a thought, maybe something to ask about.
  • coopernorman
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