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  • DeeDee
    Hi! I am surprised that when I search "Bemer" on this entire site, nothing comes up! I have heard about this for a long while, and the benefits for MS patients. I am a little skeptical but there is a lot of excellent studies and some are on PUBMED, a very re*****ble source. 

    I am trying it out and plan to buy one. I am sure we are all looking for ways to improve or at least delay symptoms, so I am surprised no one else is in a discussion. I am fairly certain I will purchase one. It certainly can't hurt, except the price tag ($6000.). What are others' experiences or thoughts on this?
  • maria1
    Hi DeeDee, Had to do some googling to find out what this is (thought it was driving a BMW fast for mental health therapy - my choice for sure).

    ​The little I have read is that it is FDA approved  WOW and has been used in Germany for years, another Wow, but for $6000. Medicare might be out of business in a few weeks. I wonder if it is rentable to try instead of up front out of pocket cost for something that may or may not be useful, like every other medical device or solution. I did not investigate how it is used, daily, weekly or monthly. There was mention about it restoring energy but I did not see any reference to it on the site nor, the two sources I check for most ms info.

    ​That being said, my copay for Betaseron annually last year was more than that and the total cost for my scripts was better than $70,000.00.

    ​So, if the money back guarantee is for real without having to sew them if it doesnt work, and you feel comfortable with your decision - go for it - and please let us know about your opinion and progress - you will be our consumers reporter. For all our sake, I sure do hope it works, it is far more exciting than ingesting some of the stuff I have had to take. maria