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  • shiloh
    I was diagnosed with MS on 10-19 of this year. I start my first round of Ocrevus on 12-15. Any ideas of what to expect? 
  • sharon-peer
    Good luck!  My daughter just had her first round last month. So far so good. No major reactions. They pre-medicate you well to avoid any allergic reaction and start it very slowly. If you do well, then they speed it up. Sometimes finding a vein can be hard depending on the condition of your veins but they were pretty efficient. She can't really tell any difference in how she feels yet, but what's important is what's going on inside. It takes a little time to know that.  Some people have said they can tell a difference in how they feel pretty quickly.  Just like everything else with this crazy disease, everyone's reactions are unique. Keep us posted and let us know how you do.  Stay strong! 
  • mom_of_mser
    Hello, I've never done this sort of thing before, I don't know how it works. (Posting that is) my daughter has had ms since she was 20 she is 33 now. She is about to take her 3erd infusion and we both would love to hear from others with ms that have had ocrevus and what symptoms they had afterward so she can know what to expect. She's really frustrated with trying to get information like this because for some reason people stop posting after taking one complete dose. She works tons and doesn't have the time to try to navigate these websites to try to find the information so I volunteered to help. It's taken me 2 hours to just sign up and in and try to locate someone who is having a descussion on the subject and of course that was over 2 years ago. The discussion I mean. I don't know if you'll even read this or be able to reply. She was hoping for some info by Nov 22, 2019. After searching myself I see now why she is so frustrated. I'm sorry, I'm desperate to help her and I'm not knowledgeable of technology or posting or any of this but I thought I'd try and hope that I could reach somebody that might have an answer I can give my daughter. Thank you for reading this. 
  • maria1
    Hey momofmser, you can use your search engine, google, yahoo etc and post ocrevus side effects to find out what MIGHT happen, or you can read all the post here under the same title or both, it is good to know what the side effects of a drug are especially with ms, the side effects of some of the drugs are often assumed as symptoms of ms and make us feel sometimes lost. It is also for you to know what your daughter might be going through. It is nice that you are a parent who wants to know what is going on, thank you, you get to be a good cheerleader and advocate for her, and it will be great for her to know you are on her side. Many of us have had our families abandon us in our time of need, three cheers for you.

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