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  • shiloh
    I was diagnosed with MS on 10-19 of this year. I start my first round of Ocrevus on 12-15. Any ideas of what to expect? 
  • sharon-peer
    Good luck!  My daughter just had her first round last month. So far so good. No major reactions. They pre-medicate you well to avoid any allergic reaction and start it very slowly. If you do well, then they speed it up. Sometimes finding a vein can be hard depending on the condition of your veins but they were pretty efficient. She can't really tell any difference in how she feels yet, but what's important is what's going on inside. It takes a little time to know that.  Some people have said they can tell a difference in how they feel pretty quickly.  Just like everything else with this crazy disease, everyone's reactions are unique. Keep us posted and let us know how you do.  Stay strong! 

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