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  • willnick
    I have had MS for 21 years and have been going through the most significant relapse in my entire history... With many different symptoms including walking and vision issues, brain fog and severe fatigue. My neurologist recommended Ocrevus for me because of the length of time I've had MS and the fact that other conventional therapies have not worked for me like the interferons. I'm very optimistic and excited about the potential!!
  • shiloh
    I just had my first 2 doses of Ocrevus and I really am feeling better. My pain has gone from a constant 8 to barely a 2. I feel like my mind has "woken up" even though my body isn't cooperating yet. At least I "feel" like doing things again, and that's half the battle for me. Please let me know how it goes for you and when you start!!!
  • willnick
    Thank you so much!! So happy for you for your results so far, hope they keep improving every time. That is my hope I have my first dose on the 8th of January then again on the 22nd and I'm really very helpful, but I've always been optimistic in that way so I appreciate your positive thoughts!!