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  • plaquemom
    are there any RRMS meds that do NOT have depression/suicidal thoughts/ anxiety as a possible side effect?

    I am hypersensitive to medication; have history of depression and anxiety.

    i was on copaxone for a year and did very well however I started having severe transient chest pain after six months.  I had six episodes (about one a month).  The last episode I fell down to the ground the pain was so severe.  So, no copaxone.

    doc recommends rebif or another interferon but I’m really concerned about flu like symptoms (that’s already a huge symptom of my ms and big problem for me) and more afraid of the depression.  

    Am overwhelmed poring ring over prescribing facts info online..:does anyone just know of a ms drug that doesn’t cause or exacerbate depression?

    thank you! 
  • Dont-MS-with-me
    I was on Gilenya for a few weeks (before I developed a severe allergic reaction to it), but I had no side effects and per it's website - there's no depression or anxiety listed as a side effect. I am now on Tysabri - which does list depression as a side effect; but I haven't noticed it being a side effect I'm experiencing.

    It is so hard choosing which DMD to go on, and certainly weight the side effects against the efficacy, as well as how frequently those side effects are experienced by users. Hopefully the next one will work out better for you. Good luck!
  • MS_Navigators
    Hi there,

    The Society has information about side effects on our website, but I think it can get kind of overwhelming clicking into each individual therapy and reading about it, then going to the next one, etc. I wanted to share this brochure because it has a chart that lists all of the therapies:  Maybe this makes it easier to look at the side effects and the type of MS it treats side by side?