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  • plaquemom
    I recently stopped copaxone after a year.  I loved the shared solutions program and the drug itself was well tolerated without major side effects EXCEPT about six months after I started I had severe, crushing chest pain.  This happened about once a month and always at night time after lying down.  They lasted twenty minutes and it felt exactly like you’d imagine a heart attack would feel liekX. The last one was so severe i fell to the ground.
    This is a side effect that is listed in the prescribing pamphlet but I am just curious if anyone else experienced it.
    unforunately I have not improved after a year on the drug so we have to change; also, due to the chest pain I cannot stay on copaxone. 
  • april9517
    I am on Copaxone and I have had that happen along with shortness of breath, Its quite terrifying. I noticed it only happens on certain sites, I think I may have more vessels in that area so it enters my bloodstream and I get those attacks. It last for about 15 minutes and I have to constantly remind myself that itll go away to calm myself down.