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  • cathykb
    I would like to know if anyone out there has tried cannabidiol oil or cbd and if so, is it helping? I am looking into a company called HempWorx.
  • maria1
    I get mine from, was on capsules now on to the oil, it is cheaper.
  • cathykb
    Thanks for the info, wish they posted pricing on their website. They don't offer individuals to sign up and sell for their company. Apparently they are not open right now, no one answers. I will have to call tomrrow or maybe they are only open during week days.

    Did you consult with a doctor before trying this stuff? I was on copaxone but took myself off with neurologist's  consent cause I don't think it did anything for me. I have numb hands and feet up to my knees but only portions, my balance isn't the best, I can walk without aid and don't use anything in the house except at night when I get up to use the bathroom. If I have to walk a long distance I use a rolling walker. I have spasms and nerve pain mainly at night which makes it hard to fall asleep so am on a muscle relaxer for that but it doesn't always help.
  • maria1
    When I was young, before I new I had ms, I smoked pot and at times felt good. So I decided to try the oil on my own in stead of marijuana because I cant get it here, and wanted the benefit not the high. It has helped a bit with my hands and arms almost no pain and a small increase in use. I ahve upped the dose to see if it will help furthur.
  • Anthony-
    I’ve used many a cbd oils.. I am on tecfidera... the best for pain and spasms in my opinion is rick Sampson oil... very little high feeling, and massive pain relief ... also slows my spasticity down considerably..  I live in Michigan so it’s easy to get with my card.. 
    I hope You find some relief!! Take care!!
  • cathykb
    How do you get Rick Sampson's oil? I have read up on him and that is what sp iked my interest in the oil.
  • jasbrad77
    I use it religiously, I have been for 8 months and I am off most my “symptom” meds as the CBD oil has helped me maintain a good healthy system to where I don’t need my bladder med, spasticity med, or my fatigue med.... I love the product so much that after 6 months I joined the company.

    i also started a Facebook group for Multiple Sclerosis and CBD

    it has a bunch of info and I add more every time I run into it, I also have links to my companies CBD products for purchasing