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  • linzg02
    I have recently started copaxone. I take 40 mg injections three times a weeks. I have plenty of "fleshy" places everywhere that I am supposed to inject except on my hips. If I pinch up insert the needle and release the needle will pull right out. Any suggestions on how to give yourself shots in your hips when you have little to no "fleshy"  sites available? MS is all new to me. I was just completely diagnosed in December. 
  • april9517
    Have you had a nurse come out to show you how to do the shots? If not you should call shared solutions and set up a date. They show how to do them manually and using the autoinjector. I do my shots manually, on places I dont have a lot of fat I go in at a 45 degree angle. The nurses are a lot of help though and can answer your question and even be there for your hip injection.
  • Avatar
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