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  • sbalser19
    Anyone taking Rebif and doing well with it?
  • RQManchester
    I have been on Rebif for 14 years.  I am 58 yeas old, and I was diagnosed when I was 44.  I have done very well with my MS on Rebif, in conjunction with dietary changes and getting my Vitamin D regularly.  However, I was diagnosed when my children were pretty much gone from home.  The fatigue from the shot would be a factor if you have small children.  The flu symptoms do get better after you are on it for a while, but the fatigue is a big whammy!  Also, I have depression on this drug.

    All in all, I think that Rebif has been a very good drug for me, but if I were young and had a family I would want to think hard about the newer drugs.
  • sarterburn
    I'm 37, have a 6 year old and a 3 year old child. I have been taking Rebif for 8 years with great results and to battle the side effects I scheduled my injection around my bedtime so I sleep through most of the side effects. Also I take Advil about 30 minutes before.  I would love to not have to give myself shots anymore... but when something  is working it's hard to risk changing. 
  • Avatar
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