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  • jenniferklein
    My sister in law has MS and I was wondering if anyone in this group has had success with hemp or CBD product use.
  • sick-and-tired-of-being-sick-and-tired
    I have tried it and it doesn't work for me however I know people it works for including a friends dog who was rescued from a research lab and has separation anxiety. I don't know much about it but because it is unregulated you really have no idea what you are getting, everyone and their mother is bottling it these days. There are different milligrams and how pure. It may be trial and error before she finds one that works. If I knew I would have been more than happy to share.
  • jenniferklein
    Thank you for your input.  Very helpful.
  • StillSuperMOM
    I am currently medicating using Trulieve CBD in the form of liquid and capsules, I also use medical marijuana vapes. I use a sativa strain in the mornings, it helps me actually complete my day to day, gives me energy and later in the evening I use indica by far best meds that helps my pain and my sleeping. I found that it has improved my daily living, no relapses, my pain managed and I acyually feel like myself again.I love being able to just accomplish something and not be loaded on meds to help with pain that never worked!! I am about to go back to the workforce due to not being able to do anything because of my MS for three years.

    It is definitely worth it and a great benefit. 

  • jenniferklein
    Thank you for your input; very hellpful.  glad it's helping!
  • Gary_S
    Thanks for this info.
  • Gary_S

    I spent about $70 on CBD oil. I did not feel anything period.
  • merryb53
    I don't know what state you will be dealing with but here in PA medical dispensaries are just starting out and supply is way behind demand. I can tell you I learned from my Neurologist that 4:1 CBD to THC is what he can recommend. I use that.  I also can tell you there is a BIG difference in CBD from vape shops and on line from HEMP as opposed to Medical dispensaries..  It is like night and day. Educate yourself, get legal with a green card. I find less spasisity and better gastro intestinal issues.