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  • Rasha-Fetouh
    When I was first diagnosed with MS the doctor recommended Solumedrol 1g injections for five days then reducing it gradually with Solupred, but then the attacks became many and comes stronger and much more than before like numbness in my joints, legs, shoulders and neck, and other attacks and symptoms like sever continuous headaches, balance problems, trembling, besides MS hug for days , also I feel like my left thigh is kinda broken it hurts so bad when I press on it and I can barely bend it or climb stairs... Is this normal or is my body against cortisone?! I really need to know! 
  • MS_Navigators
    Hi there,

    I am sorry to read that you've been dealing with this!  I encourage you to contact your healthcare provider as soon as you can.  I hope that he or she may have an explanation for you as well as suggestions for feeling better.  Hang in there!!
  • Rasha-Fetouh
    Thank you a lot 🙏❤