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  • sharon-peer

    There are several different discussion threads on this topic so I have started a new one to share this info.  For those of you trying to come to a decision on disease modifying drugs, I just read a good article from the United Spinal Association outlining the most current thinking in the medical community.  I have included the link below.  Just try to make the best choice for your individual situation since everyone has different challenges.  Good luck with your decision.


  • brink250
    have you done any research on relapses while taken any drug. What works for one may not work for someone else. Starting at 5k for meds knowing we have a progressive disease and we can go years without any relapse how would we known if any meds are working. Once damage is done it can never be repaired. Is ther any test that shows any meds work. We can track our  disease with an MRI if there’s no new lesion on a mri does that mean a drug is working or are we in remission We must educate our selfs. Those meds are very expensive. We are given a choice of med 12 in all to choose from not  prescribed   As nobody knows what will work   again must educate are selfs 
    God bless us all on this journey 

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