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  • DeeDee
    My hormone doctor (not my MS doctor) has insisted that I follow the very restrictive AIP diet, (autoimmune diet). She swears that most foods are attacking my gut and making my MS worse. It is crazy restrictive and eliminates all dairy, grains, nuts, seeds, nightshades, sugars of any kind, eggs, etc. The only thing left is some veges and lean meats. I've been eating this way for a month, although it is impossible for me to not cheat and still have a life. I can't say I feel any better, but I have lost a lot of weight (of course, there's not much on the menu)!  Any input from others about this diet or another that helps? There is so much hype out there, you just don't know what to believe. Thank you!
  • Avatar
    I have found diet in general to be extremely beneficial to my ms in terms of relapses.  I started out very, very strictly like the above diet, but then I read the book the China Study. Study done in China over many many years before fast food came on the scene.  This book stressed the importance of the nutrients from many different types of food working together for your health.  Different fruits, vegetables, low fat meats, but also some red meat (in moderation), whole grains, nuts eggs -- the whole enchilada.  I employed this method, and for me it has been great!  I try to have a low fat situation, somewhat low sodium -- but mainly focus on variety with lots of fruit and vegetables.  Heard a doctor say once about nutrition:  eat food, not too much, different colors!  Also, you are satiated this way.  You like it!  Beats the heck out of fast food.  Good luck!
  • DeeDee
    I have that book (China Study)! But I haven't read much of it. I will pull it off the shelf, as I was not motivated to read it, before. Thanks! I thought about buying the Wahl's book. Anyone have input on that?
  • adr810
    Hi! I’m new to this forum and new to MS but I’ve been AIP for 3 years. Well, I was strict AIP for 2 years and then I slowly started adding food back (as a side note please don’t wait that long long to reintroduce food. I think 30-90 days is the recommendation. I struggle with food due to the Crohn’s disease and was afraid to eat). So with the food reintroductions I’m now paleo.

    The Crohn’s disease has been in remission for 1 1/2 years! I had my first neurological flare 3 years ago and then I had a second flare later that same year. My doctors believed it was a rare side effect of the medication I was on to treat the Crohn’s disease. I had another neurological flare this summer with a new lesion so my diagnosis was changed to MS.

    I’m really thankful for the diet. I think changing my diet made a great impact on my quality of life. It also gives me peace of mind. I have peace knowing I’m doing the best I can to care for my body. 

    I will add that I continue to take medication for the Crohn’s disease and will be starting meds for MS next week. I think a combination of meds and diet are best for me. 

    Take care! 

  • adr810
    If you are interested in diet changes and AIP feels too restrictive you could start with a paleo diet. I did not starts AIP cold turkey. I slowly started eliminating things over the course of 3 months. 

    I love paleo! There are so many options now.  You can even find paleo tortilla chips and baked goods (that taste great) at Whole Foods! 
  • padenx61
    Hello, I here a lot of people with ms change their diet. They originally changed due to Crohns.
     I know for me with the steroids I needed to keep my weight under control.
  • MS_Navigators
    Hi DeeDee,

    Here's a document about diet and MS that you may find interesting:

    Diet and Multiple Sclerosis Research

    Jess, MS Navigator
  • DeeDee
    Thank you!
  • golgotha
    Hi DeeDee,

    You're right about there being so much hype! :)

    I've tried a few MS-related diets. I like the self-experiment approach of the MS Recovery Diet. Experimenting with that I found I was sensitive to wheat/gluten. I did Dr. Wahls' protocol for over a year and learned that eating so many greens definitely impacts one's vision.

    I also love the gut-related theories of Dr. Gundry's Plant Paradox lectin-avoidance diet but am unconvinced enough to pull the trigger on trying it.

    What I'm currently doing is sort of a "best of" concept of these diets and some other ideas.

    but I have lost a lot of weight

    Just cutting out the dairy and grains (wildly excess carbs) will do that. After all, what do we use grains for in animals? Traditionally we feed cattle grain to fatten them up and "finish" them just before we slaughter them, right?

    I'm eager to hear what others are doing; thanks for creating this thread.
  • waltzing_matilda

    I'm on the Wahls' protocol .  Some of my symptoms have gotten better, but there is no way to know if my diet is the reason. Read, Dr.  Wahls' book.  The diet (s - there are several incarnations)  are not nearly as restrictive as what you have described.

    By the way, Dr. Wahls id gearing up to do more studies and is looking for subjects.  Wanna volunteer?  Here's the study registry link.  I was rejected because I was unwilling to be thrown into the pool and possibly end up as a control.

  • Rich1007
    Take a look at this MS doctor's diet video:
  • wayneo1978
    I am of the opinion (purely my own of course) that with MS and its enigmatic list of symptoms experimentation is the way to go. I have found just eating better in general has been beneficial as I'm not restricting myself. Having MS sucks so why would I want to restrict myself from eating certain foods if I do not feel any better. Ive tried eliminating certain things and its just not for me. Again this is just my opinion but life is difficult as it is, why deny enjoying a healthy and diverse diet.