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  • PrincessD
    I appreciate all the kind words i've been receiving ❤️ ! This is still just so unreal to me , it's crazy. Well Today october 28th will be my last day in the hospital hopefully for a long time.  i've admitted 3 separate times this month all related to MS. This time i've been here going through that plasmapheresis treatment thing. So far i wouldn't say it made major changes. But i'm still hopeful of course i understand that i have to do physical therapy and rest too. And that i'm not being treated for the actual ms yet just the lesions. I'll keep in touch thank you guys ❤️.
  • jasonprestovfd
    Congrats on getting out!
    now just take it one step at a time.
    I hope you continue to feel better 
  • golgotha
    i understand that i have to do physical therapy and rest too.

    That's a tough one. You typically have to "push the envelope" and stress yourself a little bit -- but not too much since that can cause a boomerang and flare symptoms. And the "fun" of it is if you're like me that envelope's boundaries change and vary.

    But such is life -- at least your "new life" post-diagnosis with MS. Now that you're getting freed from the hospital it's time to plan on getting 4 for 4 and to do what you must to minimize the disease's impact on your life.
  • Rich1007
    Much love to you Princess. Hang in there.  Take your treatments and get on with your awesome life! :-))