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  • PrincessD
    Well i Am finally home now ! i have completed my Plasmapheresis treatments & i do feel like they helped a lot with my lesions. The only thing that has been getting me down is my left arm. It's still very weak & with little to no coordination. It's not my dominant arm but it still a challenge getting it back to its normal.  
  • jasonprestovfd
    Welcome home!!!
    Theres no place better to be. 
    I suffer from symilar issues. For me it is off and on blurry vision in left eye, also weakness and numbness in both left arm and leg.
    The best advice I can offer is keep working with it. Try to keep it strong and keep it safe. It's tough when you need both hands to do something (personally zip lock bags, cheese wrappers and my blood pressure medication bottles are sometimes impossible to deal with). But just keep working with it. One of two things will happen. Either it will eventually start working again or you will find a way to work around it. Sometimes just as you find the way to make it work, it just starts working again. Just remember the tricks you learn along the way. 
    I know you have had a really rough road so far. But I encourage you to keep moving forward somehow someway. You have youth on your side. If anyone can challenge MS head on its you!
    Its sometimes tough but remember to make the best of every situation, live well and laugh often. 
    Good luck and keep checking in, your strength and determination is inspiring. 
    keep up the good work moving forward!
  • Rich1007
    Hi Princess,

    ~~~YAY!!!!~~~~  Its so nice you're finally home.  Your room, stuff, iphone, computer, cats, dogs all soooooo awesome :-)).  Be patient with your arm, it takes time.  You gotta rest but keep going.  Dont forget to watch Dr. Aaron Boster's videos on youtube.