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  • mds02
    Hi guys, I'm a high school student researching about MS for an anatomy school project. Recently, I've read and heard from some MS patients about how certain diets can be really helpful with treating MS. I've read about the Best Bet Diet, created by Matt Embry, and it basically describes to stay away from all dairy products, gluten, legumes, and foods with high sugar content. From what I've read, this diet has been very helpful to many. So, I was wondering, have any of you guys have tried anything similar to this diet? 
  • maria1
    Food is very helpful. When I was good at preparing food I ate wonderful ccombinations of a little of  this and a little of that, fresh produce vegetables fruits cheese meats nuts, lots of garlic onions celery carrots stuff I that had real flavor and I had a feeling that i was doing the right things. Now that I am less able I eat plenty of junk with numbers and letters that I cant pronounce so I cant control my weight nor prevent me from eating plenty of sugar too. It may not be good for me and I dont feel as well as I did before injesting junk. So what has food got to do with your anatomy project? At 72 I dont think I am building any more bones, but I laugh a lot, maybe it is the steady diet of sugar and coffee, I am awake when everyone else is sleeping so it is a great excuse to do nothing that will wake anyone else up. If I were as young as you I would do a project about what stress does to the body instead of food, so I want to hear what your thoughts are about what you have planned to research. thank you.
  • Houston2-
    I'm new to this website but I was diagnosed with ms in 1986, as a Houston youth played sports. After learning of my diagnosis I started volunteering as many others do. As a young adult aerobics, I enjoyed dancing was very active 6'3", 200'. My point is for my frame I was aware how to burn my intake.
    Once I went 180* on my activity; cane, walker, wheelchair was tough in many ways. Dietary in one of them knowledge and becoming informed, low salt, no fried food, no red meat …
    10 chefs 10 different ways.
    Things are logical think things out 
  • golgotha
    The diet you mention sounds like The MS Recovery Diet. That was one diet that clued me in that I was sensitive to gluten. Many years later, I can eat gluten/wheat with no problem, but my "cog fog" will increase.

    The doctor that wrote the "Grain Brain" book explains the impact that grains can have on the body and brain, so my gluten thing makes more sense afte reading that book.

    I've tried Dr. Terri Wahl's protocol and think there is a lot of wisdom in that diet. Plus it's bound to help with people's weight if that's a problem for you.

    Having tried many MS-related diets, I'm convinced that there is a link between diet and MS, and to MS flares or inflammation. The problem is American culture makes it nearly impossible to stick to a sane diet. :-(

    This view is increasingly shared by MS-specializing neurologists. My own 100% conventional neurologist in a large VA hospital specializing in MS thinks that MS stems from gut-related issues. The YouTube "superstar" Dr. Aaron Boster, a conventional/mainstream MS neurologist, advocates "clean" eating. My guess is that it's only a matter of time before science links our chemically/pesticide-saturated, industrially-processed foods to be a key negative component impacting our health.