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  • SmartyPants

    Food for thought by Jennifer Hoffman

    Each situation in your life exists for your spiritual growth and evolution and when you are ready to acknowledge the wisdom with which you organize the scenarios of your life, you will learn to love each situation. Then you can become aware of its lessons, know and learn them and love them free.

    Once you learn to love the experience, it has fulfilled its mission in your life and can depart from you. But as long as you continue to hate, indulge, resent, run away from or ignore it, it will exist and even intensify as it mirrors everything you dislike about it. Is it good or bad, right or wrong, beneficial or harmful, short term or permanent- all of these are judgments that will only result in the continuation of the circumstance.

    Instead, ask your Self, “what do I need to learn from this and you will take the first step on the path to freedom. Each difficult experience you have is a mirror of a fear in your life- discover the fear and the reason for its existence and it has no power over you and then it ceases to exist unless you allow it to. The more dire the situation, the greater your need to learn and appreciate its lesson and heal that aspect of your belief system.

    Once you acknowledge that you created the reality, it loses its power because it is the paradigm that you built, not the result of someone else’s actions against you. When you can love it free and move on to create other realities that are more peaceful, joyful and fulfilling. No matter what the circumstance, if you can learn to love it, you can free yourself from it and move forward on your journey.

  • maria1
    Well said, SmartyPants! But loving every situation is far beyond my benevolence, accepting the circumstances is as far as I am able to go.