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    Are there people out there that are on Rebif?  All the posts are old on Rebif, so I am curious if most people have left this drug for the newer drugs.  I have been on Rebif for 16 yrs.
  • dmoli01
    Although I am not on Rebif, I have been self-injecting Avonex for 22 years.  Both Avonex and Rebif are interferon 1-a drugs, with different routes (IM v subcutaneous injections) and dosage strenghts (oncev three times a week).

    FWIW, I have stayed on Avonex because my MRIs have been stable and "the devil you know" is better "than the devil you don't."  Although I hate needles, I am comfortable with my Avonex therapy and I am doing as well as can be expected with a DMT (no cure, but slowing progression yes!). NEDA=No Evidence of Disease Activity!

    I wrestle with this fact every time a new MS tx comes out, but I was dx in 1994 when Beta was dispensed via lottery.  I didn't start Avonex until 1997 shortly after it hit the US market.  Due to orphan drug laws, Refif was "blocked" from entering the US market until 2012ish?  Although having MS sticks, with newer and newer therapies, perhaps this is the best time to "be stuck with it." :) 
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    Thank you for your response.  I have stayed on Rebif for the exact same reasons as you have stayed on Avonex.  Just can't find many people talking about it anymore -- so I didn't know.  The rationale of other people such as yourself is very helpful -- thank you!
  • rajiah
    Hi , i have been on rebif for 14 years, and my mri always comes out the same, no new lesions. But i’m getting tired of getting those injections plus the side effect that never goes away. I’m planning to switch to one of the new medications. And i have fear that it may not be the same as rebif , i’m very confused 😞
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    I understand how you feel.  I go through the same thing.  But I am 60 years old, and hopefully the need to go to other drugs for the sake of disease progression is not so necessary.  It is all the way around however a very tough decision.