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  • tgreif
    Diagnosed 6 months ago. Looking for others that are taking Tysabri and can share their experience.....daily side effects, when did you begin seeing improvements and help with exacerbation vs relapse. 
    I have paraesthesia in my hands & spasticity in my forearms with altered sensation in random areas of my body. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
  • maria1
    tg, no matter what drug you take, there is a slow process of recovery from an exacerbation. There is overall trauma that you do not see, but you can feel. Like when someone beats you up and leaves no marks to see. First, an alien has invaded your body(I just finished watching Dr Who, ha ha) so every cell has to make room for the stranger, then every cell must fight back, so while your body is living through all the normal functions it is also at the same time fighting back or trying to overcome the invader, AND now there is a new equation, a drug to fight the invader, so the body is doing triple time, yet you look in the mirror and see you. The nerves are all shook up, vibrating like tuning forks and still the body is functioning. 

    For the hands and arms I am using hemp oil topical cream as well as hemp oil gummy bears, they have no side effects and give temporary relief. I have been on dozens of drugs over the years and like not having side effects, massage helps too, as well as muscle relaxing exercises.

    A calm mind is the best way to get relief, the more you freak out the worse your nerves react, they are easy to temper tantrums so do your best to soothe your mind and the nerves will relax too.