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  • FuzzyBoots
    I've been feeling like my (relatively light) MS symptoms have been ramping back up recently, but the pandemic has made me hesitant to temporarily knock-out my immune system with steroid infusions unless absolutely necessary.  Any insight to share about how long the immunocompromise from steroids tends to last?  

    (I've had methylprednisolone infusions twice before and they helped . . . but I wish I'd taken better notes in the days afterward!)  

  • echobird
    If they are mild enough you might be able to go with just the prednisone pills instead. And that way it doesn't affect your immune system as badly. And if you do it now before it gets too badly out of control you won't need to go with the IV steroids. Also make sure that you're taking your vitamins as well! Otherwise you might actually be putting yourself in more risk possibly as well. Also I believe it's going to take anywhere from 10 days to 2 weeks but you best check with your doctor's.
  • MS_Navigators
    Hi FuzzyBoots,

    Sorry to hear you're feeling unwell.  We can't give medical advice to you, but we do encourage you to talk with your medical team regarding any concerns you have.  There's some information here within our COVID19 and MS information, but it's very general:

    MS Treatment Guidelines During Coronavirus

    Jess, MS Navigator