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Symptoms of MS

Pain, pain, go away.....*

What is the REAL DEAL with MS and pain? Everything I read talks about tons of symptoms and mentions pain as an after thought. Which makes me think I might be misdiagnosed?!?  Im literally in some kind of pain all day. I still work, commute, take care of my home/kids and I just do it through the pain. But the… Read More


Lately, I've been having chest pain and tightness so incredibly strong where its painful even to breathe. It lasts for about 15 minutes and then goes away. This has happened to me before and its not a heart condition, I'm assuming its the "MS hug" or maybe anxiety! Has anyone ever felt this and how do you deal… Read More


Hey,  Does anyone have tingling or numbness  in their lips? Is it just a symptom or was it a relapse? Did they have you do anything for it?  I haven’t started any meds yet. I had an active lesion on the mri June 1st which led to more tests and the diagnosis.  They didn’t do anything about treating it or… Read More


Is there any connection between MS and OCD and other impulse-control disorders?  I know that depression has been linked with MS, but I am wondering if any other mental health issues are as well.   For the past 3 1/2 years, I have been followed by a neurologist for possible MS.  I have 2, possibly 3, lesions… Read More


Ok been getting worse off this year. Can't get up hardly anymore I have to use this leg lift thing to get my legs into bed or out of bed. Can't really do much exercise but at times my muscles will start spazzing and my arm and leg would just start jerking around. My left leg will shoot straight up into the air.… Read More

Weakness and spasisty*

Ok so yesterday afternoon and evening my spasms came back per the usual. Just like the day before it got to the point were my left leg would shot straight up in thr air and then my back would make me ***** up straight from laying down and now today I can't hardly move. I just tried leg lifts but can't seem to… Read More

Vocal cord dysfunction*

i have been out of breath for at least 2 or 3 months and about 7 weeks ago, my voice started doing ‘weird’ things. It kind of sounded like a preteen boy whose voice cracked and changed a lot. Eventually it got worse and became a whisper. I went to ENT and they diagnosed vocal cord dysfunction and partial vocal… Read More

Urine retention *

Fun topic... I went to my pcp and got a UA because I think I’m getting a bladder infection.  However at the end of last year I noticed that sometimes it is hard to start urinating or the urine shuts off mid stream.  Then I sit and sit and think about water and eventually it finishes or my leg falls asleep from… Read More

Muscle Symptoms *

Lately I have been having a lot of symptoms concerning my muscles as well as my tendons. I have been finding myself taking my baclofen nearly every night before I go to bed. If I don't,  I wake up several times a night with muscle tightness.  The muscles become very tight and knotted. It's as if they are… Read More

Drooping o. Right side of face???*

I have had gradual facial drooping on the right side of my face over the last 6-8 months and I've noticed it get worse.I was diagnosed with MS in 1991 and was wondering if this could've a symptom caused by MS...My right eye and eyebrow are affected also..I've also noticed I cannot taste things and I've had a… Read More

Let Me Clear My Throat *

Been having this particular symptom for awhile now, I was officially diagnosed with Ms in late July of 2017. It's trouble swallowing and also practically choking on my own saliva or even dry air seemingly. What usually happens, is I'll out of nowhere start this hacking cough & I'll be forced to expel saliva… Read More

Fatigue and Ritalin

I have a problem with fatigue, and the only that seems to work is methylphenidate (Ritalin). My insurance company wouldn't approve it, so my doctor sent them a letter citing an article by Ralph H. B. Benedict, Ph.D.: "Cognitive Dysfunction in Multple Sclerosis," in "Clinical Bulletin" from the NMSS. My doctor… Read More


Ok so I have debilitating back pain and weakness in my legs along with pain in them and my left arm. So I believe it was Thursday that after talking to my wife I finally broke down and put a 12 mcg fentanyl patch on. And let me tell you it was day and night. I had stopped using them last year but I still had a… Read More