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Symptoms of MS


I completed my first Ocrevus infusion on June 11 and began experiencing numbess and tingling on June 25 in my left hand, left foot, left side of my head and MS hug on my left. Has anyone ever experienced something similar. I'm taking a 6 day course of prednisolone orally. My neurologist wants more MRI's before… Read More

Losing the use of my hands and arms. *

Well, so far, I have had an mri of my neck - no signs of ms, just herniated discs. The doc has me scheduled for another mri of my back and a nerve conductivity test. I asked if the herniated discs might be causing the problems, he answered yes, and said he would refer me to a surgeon for possible surgery on my… Read More


I am looking for feedback to my MS experiences the last few weeks.  I am 71, secondary progressive now.  I have been able to walk and even do some dancing in my living room.  Until about two weeks ago.  My legs started giving out, I took a big fall on my walk (just bruised and scraped).  I am super wobbly and… Read More

Can Someone Explain This?*

I had an mri monday. This is what the paper says... There is a subtle FLAIR sub 5 mm hyperintensity in the posterior left frontal centrum semiovale white matter.  Stable non specific solitary abdomen soft 5mm FLAIR hyperintensity in the posterior left frontal centrum semiovale white matter. No new… Read More

New Symptom*

I was diagnosed with MS almost 3 years ago, but recently been having the feeling as if my brain is on fire. Has anyone else experienced this. Should I be concerned or is this common ?  Read More

Double vision *

Hi All, I'm new to this forum. I was diagnosed with MS 3 years ago this October, and knock on wood, I've been pretty lucky with my symptoms. I've been on Tecfidera since then, with no new lesions on my MRIs. That's all until a week ago, when I began experiencing vision problems. It started as an inability to… Read More

Electric shock *

Hey everyone  I've got a new one for me not sure if it's ms related or not but I do know it's painful.  Lately when I extend my left arm out I get a horrible shock in my thumb between my nail and first knuckle ? Happens in couple other fingers as well but the thumb is bad. I am taking gabapentin already for… Read More

Trigger finger *

Hello guys, For the last two weeks my thumb has been locking and painful. In the last couple days it has completly locked into place so i cant bend it without it hurting. I googled it and it appears to be trigger finger and can be linked to MS. Have any of you had this experience, and do you know what they do… Read More

MS starting in hands*

I was recently diagnosed with MS, However the main symptom started in my right hand, I started feeling numbness and in the index finger, then the other fingers. Slowly, my hand started to feel very weak, I started losing the ability to do fine motor activities, like buttoning my shirt, using the mouse, typing… Read More

Twitching muscles *

Hi all I'm new here!!  So my question is this.... Have any of you experienced muscle twitching with your ms? I have remitting relapsing ms diagnosed 18 months ago after suffering optic neuritis and double vision and had an mri which confirmed ms.  I began twitching all over 4 months ago and went into panic… Read More

Pain, pain, go away.....*

What is the REAL DEAL with MS and pain? Everything I read talks about tons of symptoms and mentions pain as an after thought. Which makes me think I might be misdiagnosed?!?  Im literally in some kind of pain all day. I still work, commute, take care of my home/kids and I just do it through the pain. But the… Read More

One long relapse?*

I'm newly diagnosed after nearly 20 years between episodes. A couple months ago, I experienced balance issues and fatigue, most of which cleared up on their own. A month later, eye pain and double vision and more balance trouble. Oral steroids were prescribed and the vision resolved, as did the majority of the… Read More

Burning feet *

Hi. I have bad burning feet when I sleep that I’ve had for years. The burning has got worse and now I feel it in my legs. I have been on Gabapentin for years and it now doesn’t seem to work. Is there anything else someone has done that I could maybe try?  Read More

Shooting intermittent Pain on hand *

I get throbbing pain on the hand below fingers and above wrist which comes often. I've seen doctors and had x-rays, mri's, checked for arthritis and none see issues. I've tried cbd and even had steroids nothing works. Any one get pain like this and have anything that works for them? Read More


Hello Every one, I am new to MS Connection.  I was diagnosed with MS 4 yrs back and had 2 cycles of Lemtrada. in last 3 yrs I have had no further episodes. But this month I had a relapse of my MS in the form of Optic neuritis. So I had pain on eye movements which was followed by extremely blurred vision… Read More

mri help*

hi i have been having problems for almost 3 years with no answers i seen on my mri it says Stable appearance of a small nonenhancing lesion in the right subinsular region does anyone know what that means? i also had an abnormal VEP test, other the that my mri are normal. i have been having trouble with my… Read More

Crying way too much *

So these past few weeks, I've just been a wreck, particularly at work, I'm sick of speaking to my manager and crying about something, I am tired of pinning it on her, it isn't fair, but I can't control it, they noted I was away from my desk too much, often because I'd rather not cry at my desk, I'm just been… Read More

Is this normal? *

Hi, I guess a little background first...was diagnosed with MS over Christmas (I did not even ask Santa for it) but like many others think I explained away symptoms for many many years prior. I had numbness from the waist down for about a month and thought it was a pinched nerve and then my right arm just… Read More

dizzy spells*

I have had "dizzy-tingling" spells for quite some time.  Today it is almost constant.  Have not ever had a day like this.  Been on copaxone since December 18.  Should I be terribly concerned? Read More