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Symptoms of MS

Twitching muscles *

Hi all I'm new here!!  So my question is this.... Have any of you experienced muscle twitching with your ms? I have remitting relapsing ms diagnosed 18 months ago after suffering optic neuritis and double vision and had an mri which confirmed ms.  I began twitching all over 4 months ago and went into panic… Read More

Shooting intermittent Pain on hand *

I get throbbing pain on the hand below fingers and above wrist which comes often. I've seen doctors and had x-rays, mri's, checked for arthritis and none see issues. I've tried cbd and even had steroids nothing works. Any one get pain like this and have anything that works for them? Read More


Hello Every one, I am new to MS Connection.  I was diagnosed with MS 4 yrs back and had 2 cycles of Lemtrada. in last 3 yrs I have had no further episodes. But this month I had a relapse of my MS in the form of Optic neuritis. So I had pain on eye movements which was followed by extremely blurred vision… Read More

mri help*

hi i have been having problems for almost 3 years with no answers i seen on my mri it says Stable appearance of a small nonenhancing lesion in the right subinsular region does anyone know what that means? i also had an abnormal VEP test, other the that my mri are normal. i have been having trouble with my… Read More

Crying way too much *

So these past few weeks, I've just been a wreck, particularly at work, I'm sick of speaking to my manager and crying about something, I am tired of pinning it on her, it isn't fair, but I can't control it, they noted I was away from my desk too much, often because I'd rather not cry at my desk, I'm just been… Read More

Is this normal? *

Hi, I guess a little background first...was diagnosed with MS over Christmas (I did not even ask Santa for it) but like many others think I explained away symptoms for many many years prior. I had numbness from the waist down for about a month and thought it was a pinched nerve and then my right arm just… Read More

dizzy spells*

I have had "dizzy-tingling" spells for quite some time.  Today it is almost constant.  Have not ever had a day like this.  Been on copaxone since December 18.  Should I be terribly concerned? Read More

Exploring MS dx*

A year and a half ago my left went numb to middle thigh.  It went away completely within 2 months with no intervention .  Shortly after this numbness was gone I had 2 episodes of vertigo.  For the past 3 years I've had reoccurring simultaneous apthus ulcers and what feels like a yeast infection in the Genital… Read More

Walking issues and newly dx*

I have been having tingling and numbness in my back for awhile. It finally started traveling down my legs. Now I am having a unsteady gate. Walking takes a lot out of me. It was slow changes at first and now it is more noticeable. I have been asked what is wrong several times. I hate to even respond because I… Read More

MS symptoms? need some advice*

Hi so my story is kind of long I just need some opinions on some symptoms I had since around 2 years ago, and people here have a lot of knowledge about MS, I am a 21 year old Male. So it started when I was 19. I started feeling this tingling on my feet so I started searching for possible causes on the internet … Read More

Vocal cord dysfunction*

i have been out of breath for at least 2 or 3 months and about 7 weeks ago, my voice started doing ‘weird’ things. It kind of sounded like a preteen boy whose voice cracked and changed a lot. Eventually it got worse and became a whisper. I went to ENT and they diagnosed vocal cord dysfunction and partial vocal… Read More

Distonia question*

Ok so the guy that I'm buying my house from thought that I have epilepsy and I'm not sure. My nephew thinks it's not because it only affects one side of my body but I'm beginning to believe it might be. It's also affected the left side of my face. As well as the left side of my body. Now I spoke to a lady last… Read More

Loss of vision *

Hey everyone, I had an episode at work today where I lost part of my vision in my left eye for about 30 min. It was as if there were just black smudges in my field of vision and I couldn't see clearly. I had no headache or other symptoms at the time. I'm wondering if this is possibly MS related? the episode… Read More

Breathing issues!*

I was diagnosed with Relapse Remitting MS in 2009, and I have been dealing with breathing issues where I feel like I can't control my respirations sometimes,mostly if I get overheated. Stomach muscles become weak.  I have been seeing a Pulmonary doctor who says nothing can be done about it and to just do… Read More


I went to the eye doc today. I have optic disc edema. When I started to type this, I remembered that eye problems also occur in type 2 diabetes. However, I have been told my blood sugar numbers are too low. My A1C is down once again. Yay! My blood sugar rarely gets above 180. It actually hovers between 140 and… Read More

Please help Leasons disappeared.*

Ok so I ended up going to the hospital because I thought I was having a stroke or flare up or something going on. The whole left side of my body was messed up from my face to my arm and leg. I don't understand this stuff but when they where checking me out they were checking my motor skills and reflexes and… Read More


Hello, My goal is to get some insight on how others who struggled to find a diagnoses finally did. I'm miserable with all MS symptoms and have a clean MRI's of brain and spine (with a few dots in the frontal lobe, which they aren't worried about), so neurologists don't have answers. I have bad episodes that… Read More