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Symptoms of MS


Hi everyone, I’m new here. A little about me: when I was 20, I had strange neurological symptoms where my right hand wouldn’t work properly (my handwriting looked like a kindergartener’s) and I was getting tongue tied. This lasted for about a week. That was the only “attack” that I’ve had since. It actually… Read More

Has anyone had esophageal spasm?*

Monday morning I had a pain unlike any other. I was fixing to take my first sip of tea and suddenly my chest exploded. The pain was bad enough my vision went white. I could not breathe or move for a couple of seconds. When it stopped, I was so dizzy I thought I would faint. The whole episode took maybe 2 min… Read More

All the symptoms*

Hello- I will start by saying that I do not have a diagnosis yet, but it seems all my symptoms point to an MS diagnosis.  I have had "brain fog" on and off for about a year, along with on and off dizziness.  About a month ago, my arms and legs started to feel tingly like they were falling asleep.  The most… Read More

Falling for no reason...*

After being diagnosed in 2013 my relapses have been related to my eyes and face with Optic Neuritis and Bell ’s palsy. Today I woke up and I fell straight legged, face first into my bathtub. I lost total control of my limbs. I was cognizant the whole time watching myself fall but no ability to stop myself. I… Read More

Vertigo maybe??*

I am almost certain that my MS is acting up. I woke up this morning with serious dizziness. Walking makes me throw up. Food is gross to me, I’ve been surviving on motion sickness meds, ginger ale, saltines, sleep and my vape today. I recently moved here in the Fort Worth, TX area and am in need of some doctor… Read More


Okay this is very very embarrassing but if you can be honest please does anyone else have an issue with incontinence I have to pee 7,000,000 times before anything I don't even really leave the house because of it I feel so embarrassed and alone I don't really talk about to anyone my hubby knows and my walking… Read More

Do any of you have these symptoms?*

I have not been diagnosed with MS yet, but I have had symptoms since December, and I know I have lesions in my brain. The doctors are on a “wait and see” protocol, but I am going to a neurologist who specializes in MS in another month or so.  In the mean time, I don’t know anyone with MS, so I can’t ask anyone… Read More

Left hand and legs acting up.*

Ok so the last couple of days my legs have been giving out more. Then some trouble with my hand. Fingers don't want to work right. Right now I can't open them up all the way only 2 or 3 at most. But I can force them open and the last 2 pinky finger and the next one doesn't want to stay open. This has been… Read More

MS, lupus, both??*

For the past two years, I have had lots of symptoms that are getting progressively worse. I have seen various doctors and had lots of testing, including mri of brain/cervical spine with contrast and a spinal tap. I have 2 lesions on the brain and had elevated MBP per the spinal tap, as well as extra bands… Read More

Pain *

Hi, I was diagnosed with MS in 2007 at the age of 13 recently I have had one of the worst relapses in about 8 years and it has caused an enormous amount of pain in legs mostly but also in my arms and hands. I think it's neuropathic pain which I know is really hard to treat, but has anyone else been through this… Read More


Just as stated i was wondering if anyone had advice I've tried the baclofin and flexirel already. And I've used ice as well. The ice will take away the burning feeling for a little while. But it returns within a half hour. I should ad that the swelling feeling starts in the spine but does radiate down more on… Read More

Really long relapse*

It has been about 15 years since my first attack and I’ve been able to recover completely until now.  Starting in December I had some numbness in my foot that has progressed to numbness in my hands, legs, feet and now my face.  I also have some weakness in my legs like I had in previous relapses.  The symptoms… Read More

Sobbing in Sleep *

For the past month I have been having extremely vivid dreams every single time I fall asleep. It's become kind of exhausting. But sometimes in my dreams I start sobbing, to the point where I'm almost sure I'm actually am sobbing for real. At least once I've experienced the opposite; I was laughing in my dream… Read More

Depression/mood/cognitive dysfunction*

I have had ms for about 6 years. This last year has been a doozie for me. At certain times I have had a lot of pain in my legs, wrist, elbows. I have had depression for 17 years, but never as bad as the last 6 months I have been unemployed. In January I was fired from my job for being rude. I was getting to a… Read More

difficulty writing*

I can type fine but I have a hard time writing penmanship.  It's like my hands won't move to make the letters in cursive.  Print is not great either but is better than my cursive.  Does anyone have this problem? Read More

Cervical lesion symptom*

Hi. New here and newly diagnosed with RRMS in March. Does anyone know, is it possible for a cervical cord lesion between C1-C8 to produce symptoms (light weakness, light numbness) in the legs, feet and toes? Or do only thoracic or spinal leaions affect. the legs and feet? Am I incorrect that cervical leaions… Read More