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Symptoms of MS

Chex mix of symptoms *

I’m yet to have an official diagnosis’s. I’ve had a mri which showed lesions on the brain and lumbar puncture. Prior to seeing this neurologist ,who is a specialist. She wanted another lumbar puncture because the first one had a lot of protein in it.Although my neurologist told me she’s 98% sure from the test… Read More

So...That Hug *

Can u describe it? For me, I dont know if its the hug. I dont know if its THE ms hug. Ill describe it.  My muscles through out kinda contract. Its not painful, just uncomfortable. It comes in waves. They contract for a few se onds, relax for a few seconds. Repeatedly. If I take baclofen, it takes 20+ minutes… Read More

no diagnosis- figuring it out*

NOT looking for a diagnosis but advice of any type. im going to the doctor to figure this out currently and im scared... i have an emg next week i started having weird symptoms after a death in the family in feb 2018 i’m pretty sure due to high stress. i also went vegetarian so i’m not sure what this could be… Read More

Question about muscle swelling*

Ok folks I have a question. Last week I started doing a little bit better and then I got upset when an old friend hit me up for drugs and I was having a really good day. So I walked about a mile and a half round trip to talk to a friend of mine and anyone who knows me knows I could bearly get around prior to… Read More

Cold sores and ms or gilenya *

Hi all recently diagnosed with hsv1 (cold sores). Had ms since I was 17. I am now 30. Took copaxone and now am on gilenya. Wondered if anyone knows anything about susceptibility to this virus (herpes simplex) on gilenya, copaxone or with ms? Have found some info that says gilenya can increase risk of… Read More

Back issues*

I've been having problems with my back lately to where I cannot get it to pop, no matter what I do. I haven't seen a chiropractor, but intend to do so soon. My husband used to be able to crack it easily. But now he is unable to do so. I have tried everything, except a chiropractor. It kind of "crinkles" like it… Read More

Loss of appetite and back pain*

Ok so I just had an Ivig treatment Friday and by Sunday I was doing exercises and feeling a lot better. But as of right now I have no appetite and my pain level is back through the roof again. I just hate this I'm hoping that it's just the weather but my back feels like it is a rubber band being twisted so… Read More

Summer is coming.*

I'm partially concerned about the heat issue arriving soon. Because I'm pretty new to this, I was wondering what kinds of things others have done to stay cool or at least to help reduce relapses. Read More

Tingling on right side of lip and cheek *

Hey all! I don’t have a diagnosis of MS but I’m working on trying to find out what’s going on with me. I have so many symptoms of MS but last year was diagnosed with an undifferentiated connective tissue disease. Now I’m not sure if that is what’s going on or not. For the last two weeks I’ve had numbness in my… Read More

Vision Loss and MS*

My main MS symptom is related to vision loss. I also have tingling sensations in my legs and arms, but those aren’t as debilitating as my loss of vision. I’ve been reading a lot about people struggling with MS but haven’t yet found those whose main persistent symptom is vision loss. I was diagnosed with Optic… Read More


Gah, the list goes on. I never knew all of these were connected until MS. I was always misdiagnosed with other things....cervical issues, chiropractic issues, etc. but with no relief. I just ignored it as best I could, and was told to “get over it” by family and friends. Fear of social events was the worst. I… Read More

How to cope?*

I'm new here and I'm not really sure if this is where I should put this. I was diagnosed on Monday and I am stilly really confused/angry/upset. I'm a college student and I am having issues with my cognition. I need some coping help and I'm not sure if I should call my neurologist or not. This is a new symptom… Read More

Possible MS

I am 20 years old and for several years now I have had numbness in my limbs and terrible tremors that come and go. Then last March one day I woke up with a terrible headache and pain down the entire right side of my face. The next morning I couldn't see out of my right eye. I went to a specialist who told me… Read More

Glatiramer acetate *

Has anyone experienced flushing right after injecting glatiramer acetate? I've been on this medication for about 3 years and never had a problem with it except, last 2 injections had immediate flushing of the face and second time had redness in my body along with flushing feeling like sudden heat all around. I… Read More

Extremely Cold*

Hello MS Community! I was just diagnosed with MS on Dec. 5 and none of the medicine or steroids have worked for me. I am constantly cold (like a frostbite type of cold) on my left side from my face to the palm of my foot. I've read that this is a common symptom of MS. Has anyone experienced this? If so, how… Read More

Permanent or Temporary? *

Hello Everyone, I've been newly diagnosed with RRMS. I'm still getting over my first experience with a flare that has expressed symptoms. Apparently I have 4 dormant lesions that may or may not have had accompanying symptoms. It was this new lesion on my right parietal lobe that is now expressing itself… Read More

Pain and MS *

I've got a question I have been unable to fully answer as of yet. How do I recognize the difference between normal life pain and pain that's associated with MS? I have muscle pain in my shoulder (same shoulder where I experienced my first MS symptoms) that I experience any time I try to cook in the kitchen or… Read More

Numbness in legs*

I have this constant partial numbness in my left leg that burns and has spasms but my right leg only goes numb when I stand for a period of time. Does anyone else have either of these? I thought MS came in flares. Should I have this all the time or every time I stand.  Read More