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Symptoms of MS

Brain fart and spasms*

I'm having a tuff day and I have to admit I'm glad I have family that can understand. I know that I've had my share of ups and downs but today I was glad to have my nephew take me shopping. I woke up ok but by 9:30 - 10:15 I was back to my usual da da da self and I'm more inclined to agree that the heat is… Read More

Multiple Symptoms All At Once *

Well, they came on one right after the other. Next thing I know...all at the same time. The first one came on. It was a presure headache. Then a Migraine. Then came the loss of words and not being able to finish a sentence. Then my right foot went numb. That could have caused and accident. I pressed on the gas… Read More


I was diagnosed with RRMS in 2016.. I have a new neurologist who's awesome but is baffled by this symptom I have that SHOULD be optic neuritis...but is not. I had an MRI last Thursday that found a new active lesion in the low left side of my brain, yet not in the portion controlling vision. My right eye went… Read More

Tysabri rash?*

I have had MS forever and was on Zinbryta for seven years, doing great on it until they pulled it from market. I am now trying tysabri. I have had two infusions so far and recently noticed an itchy red rash on my back. Has anyone else had this issue? I have contacted my dr but wanted to check on here to see if… Read More


hey everyone, I’m a little freaked out by something I’ve been experiencing the past couple of days. Any feedback would be great. I had what my doctor called a silent migraine about a week ago where I could see lines and black holes. Like when I looked at someone I could only see part of their face.  Now theres… Read More

Possible MS??*

Im currently in the middle of what’s possibly a second “episode”. I had the same symptoms in 2016 after reluctantly receiving the flu shot (req for my job). It started with trigeminal pain, burning sensations down the Right side of my body, right sided droppiness to mouth with numbness and burning/tingling… Read More

Permanent or Temporary? *

Hello Everyone, I've been newly diagnosed with RRMS. I'm still getting over my first experience with a flare that has expressed symptoms. Apparently I have 4 dormant lesions that may or may not have had accompanying symptoms. It was this new lesion on my right parietal lobe that is now expressing itself… Read More


I'm so it may be long and not the best..                           SYMPTOMS I have had and or experiancedI have had Major swelling in my hands feet and legs (Edema) on a diaretic as of 7/7I have had on and off diareha/constipation   Bloating  severe issue with the bladder Constantly going or pressure to go… Read More

Muscle spasm getting worse *

It has been a week since my IV steroid infusion and I am still having very back muscle spasms. I did what my neurologist suggested, I increased my water intake and started stretching. However, the spasms keep coming and they are getting stronger and now I am getting them in my stomach. I tried reaching out to… Read More

Muscle spasm*

Has anyone experienced a muscle spasm so bad it took them to the ground? I experienced 2 today. My neurologist said it was nothing to worry about. But it felt horrible. Read More

Feeling of being overwhelmed*

Finding it hard to classify  my moods/feelings. I am finding it easier to get depressed, feel overwhelmed and then stay in my head unable to make a logical decision and move out of the funk that the sad mood causes. Little things make me feel guilty, sad, depressed and overwhelmed. Need help Read More


I had a new thing last night, and it FREAKED me out. Background: I started Copaxone last week, first medication I have been on. I generally am cold most of the time any way when in A/C, but dying if in too hot of an environment. Plus, my DH likes to keep it 69-70 degrees in the house, as he sweats profusely!… Read More


Hi, I was diagnosed with IP Hypersomnia 3 years ago by a sleep Dr, I have the long sleep form. Its like a wave for me, when its not as bad I sleep between 12-18 hours at a time plus naps. When the wave hits its peak I can sleep over 30 hours at a time plus naps and I am unable to stay awake for more than a… Read More

Stiff man sindrom*

Hi all I was wondering if anyone has heard of stiff man sindrom? I go through these symptoms and I get very bad off were i spaz my left arm and leg but sometimes my right leg is included. I have problems with my fingers not wanting to open up properly and when I try to get them to open up it hurts allot and… Read More

Stress & MS *

Can stress make symptoms worse? I recently had a traumatic loss. A shock. A BIG shock. This was 4 weeks ago. Right after, I started having problems with my intestines. I thought it might have been from the baclofen. Last night and 2 nights before I ended up in the ER. The pressure in my abdomen and spasms of my… Read More


i’ve stopped counting the falls, and today I tipped over on my scooter again.  I need to use walking aids always and slow down. I’m a liitle discouraged at new normal. anyone relate and wish to discuss? Read More