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Symptoms of MS

Numbness *

Hi Everyone, I woke up two days ago with numbness over most of my body-bascially from the shoulders down. No pain (thank goodness) but overall it's an odd feeling. I can still walk although a little nervous about it. I have lived with my right hand mostly numb and tingly from day one of my MS. I just got used… Read More


Hello everyone! For the last few weeks I have had the feeling of buzzing and/or vibration-like feelings in my feet and lower legs. It started in smaller spots on my feet and has progressively moved into all of my feet, ankles and slightly up my lower legs. I will also get a twitching like sensation, but that… Read More

How to cope?

I'm new here and I'm not really sure if this is where I should put this. I was diagnosed on Monday and I am stilly really confused/angry/upset. I'm a college student and I am having issues with my cognition. I need some coping help and I'm not sure if I should call my neurologist or not. This is a new symptom… Read More

Symptoms that come and go through the day

I have had Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis since 2004 (when I was diagnosed).  In 2006 after a lot of stress, I woke up one morning after having some insomina and I couldn't walk; well was walking like a drunkard.  It isn't from numbness, it feels more like weekness and spacity, though I do have a lot of… Read More

Compression Sock

Hi-  Does anyone use compression socks?  My husband's leg gets very swollen during the day, probably from lack of use, but he also wears a walk aid.  We bought a pair of compression socks that seem to help, but I wanted to know if they are safe for him to wear.  If anyone knows, or has a suggestion on brand, it… Read More

Summer time and heat! *

So I live in Florida and it is starting to get very hot outside! Im sure most of you have heard about Topgolf but I’m a server there and working outside in 95 degree weather has been extremely tough on my body. I’ve posted about this before but I was wondering if there were any special tricks anyone uses to… Read More


I have recently started dating a man that has MS and our sex life is horrible! What can be done to change this? He blames his lack of size and endurance on the meds. Read More

Recent Dysphagia-Manometry?? *

I have recently begun to have more frequent dysphagia- im choking on my saliva more often than not. It was the one symptom I really wished I never got, Pureed food and thickened liquids never appealed I guess. I have an Endoscopy scheduled for other ongoing symptoms that they think may not be MS, but they are… Read More

Arm Tremors*

I am a 70 year old lady, happy family and life. More than 10 years ago I had a bout of optic neuritis which I was told was often an early sign of MS. I had an MRI that the neurologist said also showed the characteristic bright spots of MS. The neurologist said she couldn't make an absolute diagnosis which I… Read More


I have been tired(understatement!) getting horrible sleep(up every hour at night) ready to go to bed the second I come home.  Lately my upper legs have that achy muscle and now my arms that get worse at night. The tingling in fingers and foot comes and goes.  I am moody as all get out.   I call to ask the… Read More


I have this burning sensation just below my bra bohers me so bad. has any else had any burning, painful sensations? if so what did you do to help ease it?? I just recently was diganosed in July I havnt even started the interferon yet...and it is driving me crazy. Read More

Digestive Issues*

I dont know if this is a symptom, but it is of concern to me. My intestines like to shut down on me. This happens when I travel mainly. From what I have read, that is quite normal. However, when they shut down when I am not traveling concerns me. They will shut down anywhere from 3-7 days. This is painful. A… Read More

Not a Migraine*

So I have chronic pain in my back, the whole thing from the base of my skull to the tip of my tailbone. Very few actual medical problems there though a few but not enough to account for the pain. About a year ago I relized that I also have horrible nerve pain. I had been on neurotin for psychological reasons… Read More

Today was a Hard Day *

I lost my balance 3 times today. I caught myself on the wall. This hasn't happened for several months. This worries me. I was in the shop with my husband where there's machinery. I have spent my adult life in a shop, a bit as a kid as well. This  worries me because I make things in the shop and sell them. Im… Read More


I have very itchy skin all over my body. My skin is not dry it just itches and tingles constantly from my head to my toes. My skin feels hot and I sometimes want to peel it off, sometimes my cloths hurt.  Read More

New Beginnings but still unhappy*

Its been awhile guys. Hope everything is doing well. I wanted to ask if any of you are dealing with what they think may be depression. I feel 0 motivation 0 confidence 0 drive. I feel stuck and just sad alot! I started a new job this past fall. My boy friend is still the most supportive and amazing person on… Read More

long term valium for spasticity*

About 5 or 6 years ago I started taking valium because my hands were affected by spasticity. I play guitar, piano and flute and sing as well. I also do some recording and some music ministry in my church. Losing my ability to do these things was scarey. Tried other meds like baclofen etc... but side affects out… Read More