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Symptoms of MS


Hello, My goal is to get some insight on how others who struggled to find a diagnoses finally did. I'm miserable with all MS symptoms and have a clean MRI's of brain and spine (with a few dots in the frontal lobe, which they aren't worried about), so neurologists don't have answers. I have bad episodes that… Read More

My son has some symptoms *

Has anyone felt as though it’s beginging to rain and you feel the first droplet. Then when I go to look, it’s completely dry? Or for instance, yesterday I thought my water bottle in my bag was leaking because it felt as though water was spilling onto my toes through my cloth loafers and then look and notice… Read More

Symptom questions *

I had an interesting interaction with my neuro the other day, which has led to other questions.  I will ask him when I go back in a week.  I wanted to pass it by you smart people to see if I can glean any insight before asking the doc.  I have numbness in my face, hands and from about mid torso down to my feet.… Read More

Blurry/Strained Vision Issues

Hi all, Thank you very much in advance for any response you can provide. I'm just at a loss for answers from my neurologist and long-time opthamologist. Is this familiar to anyone? My blurry vision comes and goes for days or weeks at a time. My eyeball pain comes and goes. I was just tested visually on the… Read More

Running water

The strangest thing happens to me every once in a while. I feel water running out of my ankle to the point where even my feet feel wet. I find myself checking my socks to see if they are wet. Always from left ankle. Anyone else get this or am I nuts? Read More


Hi - I've had some changes in my symptoms and my MRIs have showed some new lesions.  When I discussed with my neurologist, she said it seemed like my MS was "progressing."  We're working on figuring out a new treatment plan, but I was wondering if anyone else has been told this. Here's the quick overview: In… Read More

Dystonia or nerve issue from spine?*

Ok so I started taking the ampyra and even with that I'm having issues. At times I can walk some but limited then other times I can't walk at all. Then I haven't been having my spasms as often as before and when I get them they don't last all day like before. But my neurologist says that it's from dystonia from… Read More

Nerve twinges? *

Hi All, Does anyone get little tiny sensations periodically like a nerve has  died? Kinda wired I know. It's not so much a twitch or muscle twitch or painful or anything. it's much smaller than that. seem to be losing a lot of muscle as well. Thanks! Read More


I have PLMD, periodic limb movement disorder, brought on by my MS.  I'm in a wheelchair.  Before and after a bowel movement and at night when I try to sleep, my legs periodicaly shoot out.  Obviously I can't sleep and it is often painful as my leg muscles get extremely tight.  I tend to believe that it is… Read More

Pain, pain, go away.....*

What is the REAL DEAL with MS and pain? Everything I read talks about tons of symptoms and mentions pain as an after thought. Which makes me think I might be misdiagnosed?!?  Im literally in some kind of pain all day. I still work, commute, take care of my home/kids and I just do it through the pain. But the… Read More

Cough cough cough

I've had a cold for what feels like a month. I've definitely had a cough for over 10 days. I went to my primary care doctor's colleague (she was booked) on Monday and he said I don't have any kind of infection or walking pneumonia. He gave me some cough syrup, but mentioned something about the medication I'm on… Read More


Has anyone here gotten Strabismus as a result of an MS attack? I used ot have strabismus or "lazy eye" when I was a child, and after a year of wearing a patch, it went away. Then 25 years later, after my first MS attack, it came back! It interferes with my ability to read and see straight so bad that Im getting… Read More

MS Hug is the worst*

As I am becomming a newcommer dealing with MS, I use to think fatigue was the worst problem associated with MS. To be fair I am sure it can be argued as the worst, but I have come to the conclusion that the hug is worse for me. For me it started out as discomfort, to other times to feeling like I can not… Read More

Left arm and leg jerking *

I guess that is how I would describe it. It's like my arm has a mind of its own at times. I started the day semi OK compared to yesterday. Yesterday I couldn't even hold myself up then today I'm doing better in some ways. But after awhile I started getting these spasms or whatever you want to call them. Anyone… Read More

Newly Diagnosed *

I need some help explaining my symptoms to my doctors correctly , my left arm lost sense of awareness if that makes since ? Like when i'm laying down i can't tell where my arm is placed. or if i close my eyes and have someone set my hand up in a certain way i wouldn't be able to tell how it's set up.  I don't… Read More