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Symptoms of MS

long term valium for spasticity*

About 5 or 6 years ago I started taking valium because my hands were affected by spasticity. I play guitar, piano and flute and sing as well. I also do some recording and some music ministry in my church. Losing my ability to do these things was scarey. Tried other meds like baclofen etc... but side affects out… Read More


Hi There,                     Just wondering if anyone else has been diagnosed with RRMS but it feels like you never quite get get out of a relapse so you never really know when you are in remission? For me ever since my trip to the ER that lead to my diagnosis 11 months ago I have stayed fatiqued, shaky… Read More

Seizures with MS?*

Hi everyone. Has anybody had seizures with their MS? I went through a short period of time when I would get I could imagine sparks coming off of my back, and I could watch my whole leg (Just 1 leg) twitch badly. I never zoned out, I was always aware of what was going on. And it was always after I… Read More

New symptom *

hi everyone, Ive had ms for a few years now, but I’m experiencing pain and numbness in my wrist for the first time. Is this normal or do I need to tell my doctor?  Also any suggestions that might help with the pain would be helpful.  Thank you(:  Read More

Losing the use of my hands and arms. *

Well, so far, I have had an mri of my neck - no signs of ms, just herniated discs. The doc has me scheduled for another mri of my back and a nerve conductivity test. I asked if the herniated discs might be causing the problems, he answered yes, and said he would refer me to a surgeon for possible surgery on my… Read More


I am a 42 year old male diagnosed with RRMS 9 years ago , i work full time and do emergency out of hours calls too , my average day is 10 hours long and is a mix of driving and service calls . Work has become harder and despite one bad relapse a year ago ive been very lucky "thank god" . I have multiple… Read More

Summer is coming.*

I'm partially concerned about the heat issue arriving soon. Because I'm pretty new to this, I was wondering what kinds of things others have done to stay cool or at least to help reduce relapses. Read More

Migrains, pain, and breathing problems*

For a couple years now my ms has been in the forms of migrains and pain on my sides and my lung copacity is now at 56%. Well the pain gets to me a lot. I have a fear that id od on pain pills (ive done it once or twice before by accedent). When it gets bad i tend to forget things alot and forgetting that i take… Read More

Pain and MS*

Does anyone also have fibromyalgia and get joint pain? I get pain that my neuro has said is fibro, now Im getting bad pain in my hands particularly at the joints, Ive had it before but it is now more frequent and intense. I am also on Copaxone and was wondering if anyone has experienced joint pain while on that… Read More

Migraines and Headaches *

Hello all! I recently have been battling with migraines (I have had a previous history of them but for the last two months I have had headaches everyday and mirgraines almost every week.) About week three or four of these intesne and debilitating headaches I went to the ER and got an MRI. This came back clean … Read More


hello, I was dx about a year ago after four or five years of symptoms which progressed from pain to debilitating chronic fatigue, pain, numbness, and so on.  I am 36 years old and recently left my job of over a decade.  I can’t get out of bed many days.  I am incredibly weak all the time. i know that it can… Read More

Confused and scared*

Hi- I'm recently diagnosed with RRMS in March of this year. My symptoms at the beginning were urinary frequency, dizziness and numbness/ tingling to my R arm and R leg. Since being diagnosed, I have started on Rebif and have never really had a period of remission where I've felt a ton better. Instead, I seem… Read More

This head pressure of mine and the itching*

I was diagnosed April 8 2016, that's about a week ago.  In addition to ending up in the ER in January and then being diagnosed, I have what I can only describe as head pressure, almost crushing like.  And I have itching on my back, arms, legs but that comes and goes.  But I'm hoping someone out there can tell… Read More

Need advice. *

Well I'm sure you get this weekly a random person coming in here having some weird symptoms that think it's MS. First I'll start off introducing myself. My name Is Jesse and im a 36 year old male from Iowa. What has led me here is constant symtoms that I have had for over 6-8 months. They all started when my… Read More


I have PLMD, periodic limb movement disorder, brought on by my MS.  I'm in a wheelchair.  Before and after a bowel movement and at night when I try to sleep, my legs periodicaly shoot out.  Obviously I can't sleep and it is often painful as my leg muscles get extremely tight.  I tend to believe that it is… Read More