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Symptoms of MS

possible ms symptoms*

Let me start by saying I know that only a doctor can make a diagnosis, I’m just scared and curious and looking for stories similar to my own. I am a 36 yo female who has recently had an influx of symptoms after getting a flu vaccine, and have really started analyzing some random and weird things that I have… Read More

Head aches with MS*

My daughter was diagnosed with MS last month, her first symptom was vertigo. She had a spinal tap right before Thanksgiving and has gone down hill from there. She got the spinal tap headache and now they've turned into migraines. She is so exhausted that she just sleeps all the time and now she has started… Read More

Big MS Relapse *

Going from feeling fine to wham with no warning. Waist done numbness and tingling and then eventually pins and needing. Left foot no feeling. Landed in the ER and then admitted for 4 days. Really didn't know how to feel or what to think after this. Going from being able to walk okay to just alright was not what… Read More

Phantom odors*

Has anyone else experienced this? I sometimes smell car exhaust? Really wish it could be chocolate chip cookies baking, or flowers, just something a little more pleasant. Read More

Trying to rule out*

'm 26 years old and started having on/off neuro symptoms. I've had muscle spacticity/ridgity (sp?) For 5 or 6 years. Left lower side of my back was first. Now my whole back, muscles on both sides are completely rock hard and it hurts to move fast or to turn, well I guess anything moving those muscles is super… Read More

I'm scared I have MS *

Hi:) I'm twenty years old and for a while now I've been experiencing a lot of tingling in my face. I have floaters in my eyes and see traces of light all the time. The other light, my feet started feeling weird and I saw a green dot across the room and then I felt like I was on acid because I would move my hand… Read More

Feel alone*

Hi, I am new to this site but wanted to reach out to ask does anyone else feel alone when MS symptoms happen, the past week I have experienced numbness, balance issues, fatigue, pain, eye disturbances, sickness and well feel run down, I'm the type of person who hates being a burden to anyone and well I don't go… Read More

Cognitive Issues and Stress

I am a "But you look so good!" MSer... Most of the time, I do ok, fatigue mostly, restless leg syndrome, some small issues... but  I am getting married next year so I am planning a wedding, leaving my job at the end of August, going back to grad school full-time and interviewing for internships.  The amount of… Read More

Breast pain?*

Ok...I have a really crazy question. I started having severe numbness, a couple dizzy spells, and headaches in December. After all the tests, I was diagnosed with MS. I've had no muscles problems, but also started having severe breast pain on one side, back in December. My mammo's, ultra sounds, and even… Read More

Vivid dreams*

Does anyone else have vivid dreams? I am currently taking copaxone and everything is going well except I have noticed my dreams have become a lot more vivid and it's hard for me to distinguish between the two. I was like this before when I was on rebif. But lately it is a lot worse. Anyone else experience this? Read More

Sleep pain*

hello, has anyone had sharp throbbing pain in the neck, shoulder, or back of head only at night? I have zero pain during the day but as soon as I lay down I have really really bad pain. Any suggestions like acupuncture, yoga, or any treatments like that which helped your pain? Read More


Hi, I have recently been back from my latest MRI and sadly it would seem I have some pretty severe lesions popping up. My neurologist has recommended I switch drugs from Copaxel to gilenya.. . However there are some pretty serious side effects! I have been silently stressing over this as my husband is of no… Read More

Sleep Problems*

I was diagnosed with MS in July 2016 after losing most of the vision in my left eye. My optic neuritis eventually healed, and my vision restored. My neurologist started me on Aubagio, which seems to be working well for me. I'm very fortunate in that I've had virtually no symptoms since my ON episode.However, I… Read More

Might have MS, does run in my family....

Hello, MS does run in my family however I am only 24yrs old. I haven't really ever spent time thinking I may actually have MS systems until this past week when I finally got fed up with the blanking out and balance issues. Anything that may have been signs I would always tell myself it's just my sever… Read More

Paresthesias and Pregnancy *

Hi! Currently I have paresthesias on the right side of my abdomen that are managed (most of the time pretty well) with gabapentin. I am concerned with becoming pregnant that my paresthesias will get worse due to stretching skin (whenever I am hot or gain a little stomach weight it is more intense due to my… Read More