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Symptoms of MS

Drooping o. Right side of face???*

I have had gradual facial drooping on the right side of my face over the last 6-8 months and I've noticed it get worse.I was diagnosed with MS in 1991 and was wondering if this could've a symptom caused by MS...My right eye and eyebrow are affected also..I've also noticed I cannot taste things and I've had a… Read More

Let Me Clear My Throat *

Been having this particular symptom for awhile now, I was officially diagnosed with Ms in late July of 2017. It's trouble swallowing and also practically choking on my own saliva or even dry air seemingly. What usually happens, is I'll out of nowhere start this hacking cough & I'll be forced to expel saliva… Read More

Fatigue and Ritalin

I have a problem with fatigue, and the only that seems to work is methylphenidate (Ritalin). My insurance company wouldn't approve it, so my doctor sent them a letter citing an article by Ralph H. B. Benedict, Ph.D.: "Cognitive Dysfunction in Multple Sclerosis," in "Clinical Bulletin" from the NMSS. My doctor… Read More


Ok so I have debilitating back pain and weakness in my legs along with pain in them and my left arm. So I believe it was Thursday that after talking to my wife I finally broke down and put a 12 mcg fentanyl patch on. And let me tell you it was day and night. I had stopped using them last year but I still had a… Read More


Hi everyone, I’m new here. A little about me: when I was 20, I had strange neurological symptoms where my right hand wouldn’t work properly (my handwriting looked like a kindergartener’s) and I was getting tongue tied. This lasted for about a week. That was the only “attack” that I’ve had since. It actually… Read More

Right eye pain *

Hey everyone I started getting a dull pain in my right eye when I look in my periferal was wondering if it's the start of optic nueritis I had it in my left eye in January and it's not the same pain nor have a lost any vision so basically should I be worried the pain started last night no headaches or… Read More


Hello, I am planning a trip to Cancun in August and Im feeling a bit scared and conserned because of the heat and humidity there. Im hoping that I can go and not relapse or have an issue plan to drink lots of water etc. Im afraid that it may be unbearable heat that will cause a relapse for sure but part of… Read More

All the symptoms*

Hello- I will start by saying that I do not have a diagnosis yet, but it seems all my symptoms point to an MS diagnosis.  I have had "brain fog" on and off for about a year, along with on and off dizziness.  About a month ago, my arms and legs started to feel tingly like they were falling asleep.  The most… Read More

Has anyone had esophageal spasm?*

Monday morning I had a pain unlike any other. I was fixing to take my first sip of tea and suddenly my chest exploded. The pain was bad enough my vision went white. I could not breathe or move for a couple of seconds. When it stopped, I was so dizzy I thought I would faint. The whole episode took maybe 2 min… Read More

Falling for no reason...*

After being diagnosed in 2013 my relapses have been related to my eyes and face with Optic Neuritis and Bell ’s palsy. Today I woke up and I fell straight legged, face first into my bathtub. I lost total control of my limbs. I was cognizant the whole time watching myself fall but no ability to stop myself. I… Read More

Vertigo maybe??*

I am almost certain that my MS is acting up. I woke up this morning with serious dizziness. Walking makes me throw up. Food is gross to me, I’ve been surviving on motion sickness meds, ginger ale, saltines, sleep and my vape today. I recently moved here in the Fort Worth, TX area and am in need of some doctor… Read More


Okay this is very very embarrassing but if you can be honest please does anyone else have an issue with incontinence I have to pee 7,000,000 times before anything I don't even really leave the house because of it I feel so embarrassed and alone I don't really talk about to anyone my hubby knows and my walking… Read More

Do any of you have these symptoms?*

I have not been diagnosed with MS yet, but I have had symptoms since December, and I know I have lesions in my brain. The doctors are on a “wait and see” protocol, but I am going to a neurologist who specializes in MS in another month or so.  In the mean time, I don’t know anyone with MS, so I can’t ask anyone… Read More

Left hand and legs acting up.*

Ok so the last couple of days my legs have been giving out more. Then some trouble with my hand. Fingers don't want to work right. Right now I can't open them up all the way only 2 or 3 at most. But I can force them open and the last 2 pinky finger and the next one doesn't want to stay open. This has been… Read More