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Symptoms of MS

So...That Hug *

Can u describe it? For me, I dont know if its the hug. I dont know if its THE ms hug. Ill describe it.  My muscles through out kinda contract. Its not painful, just uncomfortable. It comes in waves. They contract for a few se onds, relax for a few seconds. Repeatedly. If I take baclofen, it takes 20+ minutes… Read More

Double Vision*

Hello! New to this, looking for answers/ people that have been through this horrible time ofsoubke vision. I had optic neuritis in April of 2018 which lead to my diagnosis. Now I have double vision. Saw my neurologist, did 3 days of IV Solumedrol....and it has not gotten any better! I don’t believe when I had… Read More

New experience today. *

I had a skin crawling sensation arms and legs this morning for a long time. I haven't been subject to that yet I've had horrible pain that's made even breathing difficult but not the tickling like bugs are crawling on me. I held my breath when I saw that this is a symptom of MS cause it's definitely 'livable'. … Read More

Ringing in my ears*

Hello, i am new to this topic.  I went in the hospital this past weekend thinking I was having a stroke due to the tingling and numbness in my arms and legs.  Turns out it may be MS.   My ears are ringing so loudly it’s deafening.  Does anyone else have this?  Also random pressure on different parts of my head… Read More


I'm having a very hard time trying to breathe properly right now and I started sweating too, I feel something very heavy on my chest and it's really painful, I also feel that it's affecting my heart, regardless the fact that I already have a minor heart issue, a slight puls disorder . Is this breathing problem… Read More


Okay guys, I have been in the process of being diagnosed for about a little over a year now. I have been going insane over what feels like bugs crawling all over my body. I know it's not allergies or bed bugs but I just cannot make it stop sometimes. I was just wondering if anyone else experiences this and how… Read More

Hate this pain*

I'm living in agany again... I can't hardly bend over and my left leg is hurting so bad it's onreal. I try to move it and nothing. The muscles don't want to work right. Then all I feel is pain from my pelvis down my left leg mid calve is just charly hoarsing something fierce. This type of pain just won't stop… Read More

Trigeminal Neuralgia*

Hello all,   After 2 years of symptoms, lesions on MRI's, meds for TN, etc, I finally switched neurologists.  He reviewed my records and said "you know you have MS, right?"  This was in October 2016.Thank goodness, I trusted my gut and changed doctors.   I started Copaxone 40mg 3x week.  I had no new lesions… Read More

Numbness in legs*

I have this constant partial numbness in my left leg that burns and has spasms but my right leg only goes numb when I stand for a period of time. Does anyone else have either of these? I thought MS came in flares. Should I have this all the time or every time I stand.  Read More

Pain and MS *

I've got a question I have been unable to fully answer as of yet. How do I recognize the difference between normal life pain and pain that's associated with MS? I have muscle pain in my shoulder (same shoulder where I experienced my first MS symptoms) that I experience any time I try to cook in the kitchen or… Read More

chest/heart discomfort*

Hello, folks. Does anyone experience a strange discomfort with their heart/chest - almost a tightness and/or chest pain that is not from the MS hug or a diagnosable heart condition per se? I get an angina pain of sorts and experience hard heart palpatations, and some chest tightness. I had heart attack like… Read More

Paraesthesia associated with MS*

Hello, I have been experiencing pins and needles in my hands, arms and legs for a few weeks now. The symptoms are minor and usually last seconds to minutes. I am getting blood work done to check for a B12 deficiency this week. I am really scared it’s MS as I am a 34 year old single lady.I was curious if anyone… Read More

Ear pain?*

I few months ago before i was diagnosed I had horrible pain in my right ear. that led me to my ENT who could NOT find anything wrong with my ear. I suffered with the pain for weeks.  She evntually did a whole bunch of test due to my dzziness etc... I failed a balance test which led up to the MRI finding MS… Read More

my feet FEEL swollen

I have had a problem with my feel and lower legs for about 6 weeks now.  The neurologist says it is just sensory and will go away on its own.  (I have been referred to an MS specialist and go in about 2 weeks)  It started with my right foot tingling and feeling like it was "asleep".  Now both feet feel like the… Read More


Hi....going to try to make a long story short.  Symptoms started in 2002 w/ upper arms feeling sunburned.  I had no clue and had not Googled.  Went to my PCP who sent me to a rheumatologist who did a C-spine MRI and tons of bloodwork.  Nothing showed up w/ MRI or bloodwork.   At this point, I had actually had… Read More

Chex mix of symptoms *

I’m yet to have an official diagnosis’s. I’ve had a mri which showed lesions on the brain and lumbar puncture. Prior to seeing this neurologist ,who is a specialist. She wanted another lumbar puncture because the first one had a lot of protein in it.Although my neurologist told me she’s 98% sure from the test… Read More

no diagnosis- figuring it out*

NOT looking for a diagnosis but advice of any type. im going to the doctor to figure this out currently and im scared... i have an emg next week i started having weird symptoms after a death in the family in feb 2018 i’m pretty sure due to high stress. i also went vegetarian so i’m not sure what this could be… Read More

Cold sores and ms or gilenya *

Hi all recently diagnosed with hsv1 (cold sores). Had ms since I was 17. I am now 30. Took copaxone and now am on gilenya. Wondered if anyone knows anything about susceptibility to this virus (herpes simplex) on gilenya, copaxone or with ms? Have found some info that says gilenya can increase risk of… Read More