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Symptoms of MS


inknow I've posted here before. On a good note I see a neurologist in 3 weeks.  I have a question. For about three weeks I have had a weak chest. I've seen my allergist and pulmnogist and they said I sounds great and that they fit think its not a lung problem.  It come and goes through out the day. I feel… Read More

Breathing *

I am going through a flare up that for a reason the doctors can not figure out is causing me short of breath. They have ran test on my heart and lungs to find nothing wrong but I am still suffering shortness of breath... Read More

Alternative therapies?*

I have tried three different medicines since being dx with ms. I'm on Tecfidera now and I swear it's making me so sick. I am starting to disbelieve in medications. So, what's some alternative therapies? I've read stuff about the wahls protocol, which I've been wanting to do.  I absolutely suck at getting… Read More

Easily startled*

Does anyone else find that they startle really easily?  Maybe this is not an MS thing at all.  It is just something new that I am experiencing lately.  For instance, I know my husband gets home from work at 3:20pm everyday, yet I find myself gasping and practically jumping off the ground when I hear the garage… Read More

White blood cell count*

Hi all. I am not diagnosed, but my Drs. Have mentioned MS as a possibility. I just had more blood work done for my rheumatologist and the results came back showing a high white blood cell count. This is the first time in 2 years that any of my blood tests have shown anything. I had a spinal tap 2 years ago… Read More


Hi everyone. I guess I'll start with my story. I'm 22 years old and female. I've had weeird sensations in my hand since last year, but I didn't think anything about it. On June of this year, I had a bad viral infection in which I was hospitalized for (they could never figure out twhat is was- and I go to the… Read More

Newly diagnosed with MS*

Well i still cant believe that i have this. It started with my right side being numb from the top of my head to my feet. It lasted for about nine days before i went to the urgent care. Then i was told that i should see a neurologist. I couldn't believe just that one opinion so called my doctor and he scheduled… Read More

Pain in knees? *

I have had RRMS for almost 3 years (only diagnosed this year). I have been having pains in both knees for about 3-4 months now. I've always had pain that would come and go in both my hips and knees but this knee pain is constant now. I am unsure if it's MS related. Everything I've read online says that it can… Read More

Severe anxiety & MS....HELP!*

My mom has had MS for 30 years and she recently started seeing a psychiatrist to start her on some meds to control her anxiety.  It has been about 2 months now on the new medication and she is having more and more panic attacks.  I swear she will have like 4 a day.  She feels like she is dying, has trouble… Read More

Ms symptom *

I have relapsing reporting ms for 4 and a half years now. I have had almost every symptom possible and it acts up like every month. I am not on meds yet but take cortosteriods when needed. Recently I had pain in my eye so was given the cortosteriods and now my left side of my body goes numb for 5 to 10 seconds… Read More

severe headaches and burning pain*

Hi there, I was recently diagnosed with RRMS.  I got the official diagnosis just last week.  I'm currently in my first, big relapse, recognized medically (althought I likely had one a year and a half ago).  It's been going on 9 weeks and seems to be lasting forever.  I'm suposed to start on Tecfidera today.   … Read More

? *

Hey.... i woke up this morning with my legs acting weird. I get up to walk and within a minute or so they just tighten  up. I end up walikf with short steps and the HUG... should i call dr? i think he is out of town. at work and dont know what to do. i left early yesterday for extreme fatigue. Read More

The "hug" and rocking boat sensation*

Hug my a**. I call it the "crush". Does anyone notice that while it can come any time in any position, it's worse sitting up or standing? I have not been able to do either without intense pain for 5 weeks. During this flare up I'm also feeling like I'm on a boat ALL the time. It's not technically dizzy, it's a… Read More


I am currently scheduled for an MRI for MS testing. I have a lot of intermittent symptoms that include muscle pain/weakness, fatigue (some days are a lot better than others), and the weirdest is numbness and pain in my left arm if I put on a watch or tight sleeve and the same in my left leg if I wear a sock. I… Read More

muscle spasticity*

Hi everyone.  I'm not diagnosed yet, but it's possible I have MS.  Can you explain what muscle spasticity feels like to you?  I get a sensation or feeling like my calves are being squeezed, usually when I walk up stairs, but sometimes when I am walking on a flat surface too.  Today I feel it just sitting at my… Read More

remembering an exacerbation*

I had a heathcare nprovider tell me that when MS patients experience a relapse they don't usually remember details of it. Is that most people's experience? I remember everything during and after it. For 35 years the symptoms of the relapse have remained mostly the same and clear up within 24 hours or if… Read More

Trigeminal Neuralgia*

Hello all,   After 2 years of symptoms, lesions on MRI's, meds for TN, etc, I finally switched neurologists.  He reviewed my records and said "you know you have MS, right?"  This was in October 2016.Thank goodness, I trusted my gut and changed doctors.   I started Copaxone 40mg 3x week.  I had no new lesions… Read More