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  • Ringer
    I am posting on behalf of my wife who has MS--and avoids talking about it at all costs.  She has been experiencing debilitating arm pain for several years now that resembles carpal tunnel syndrome.  The pain is at its worst after a long day of typing, and wrist braces seem to help quell the severity of the pain.  Also, the pain can be elicited by physical contact near her elbow.  Recently, she had an EMG test done, and they ruled out carpal tunnel syndrome. 

    My wife is still certain that the pain is due to some repetitive-motion injury--perhaps ulnar nerve impingement--but a neurologist she saw (NOT her regular MS neurologist) wrote it off as a symptom of her MS citing only the negative EMG as evidence and attempting no other diagnostic means.  My wife really feels like doctors are unable to see her for anything other than her MS, and feels that they won't even attempt to rule out other causes.

    My question, then, is twofold: are my wife and I in denial/naive about MS symptoms and need to accept that her arm pain is from MS?  Or, are her doctors naive for thinking that MS is the only possible cause for the pain?

  • Kimberly
    Hi Ringer,
     I have been told that I had Fibromyalgia as well as carpal tunnel when in reality it was Neuropathy pain. My friend with MS has also experienced shingles with her arms and no one could touch her with out her screaming. There is a lot more to MS than just MS and I know this because I have MS as well as other Autoimmune related Diseases. I have MS, Lupus, Scleroderma, Sarcoidosis, Psoriasis, Blifferitis, Optic Neuritis as well as Scleritis. My family has a host of diseases as well. To learn more please go to and please look at the list of over 100 diseases that are all related. Its sad really that the Docs are not telling too many people about them ..because they themselves are uneducated about just how connected they are to each other. I hope that your wife feels better soon, and please watch the video's on that site as well. Very educational for all of us MSer's. I hope this helps. xoxoxoxooxoxox
  • erc
    I have these same symptoms and have MS. I was wondering if your wife received any type of treatment and if you can share the information?
  • dawnfowler
    I was diagnosed with MS 4 years ago, about 3 years ago I began having CT symptoms, they got progressively worse. A year & a half ago my neurologist sent me for an EMG he said I had only mild CT on my right hand. I left there frustrated because I would wake up with excruciating pain, and for it to only be mild didn't match up with my symptoms. So I chalked it up to being just another one of my long list of MS symptoms. These last couple of months I have hit a breaking point with the constant waking up every 2-3 hours at night with pain that brings tears to my eyes. I am an RN, and work in a surgical center and was discussing my symptoms with one of our hand surgeons. He said that those are two completely different beasts. Today he did an EMG and it showed me to have SEVERE/SEVERE (axon damage) carpal tunnel on my right, and MODERATE/SEVERE (myelin deterioration) on my left. I am having surgery on thursday for my right hand and the fowolling Thursday for my left hand. In my case my MS masked my carpal tunnel and now I have permanent irreversible damage on my dominate hand and unknown (until after my surgery) on my left. So yes it can happen probably rare but possible.
  • sunshinejet

    i have for 20 years and just 6 months ago my arm and hands have been in alo of pain my nero doctor says it is part of my ms spasms my son got upset because he say everytime i go with a problem it is blamed on my ms and why is he not running test to see if it is not something else causing the pain

  • maria1

    So all these years arthritis was what I was attributing the pain in my hands and arms to. Now I have to rethink what I want to do about them, if anything. It is getting worse, and thought nothing about treating it. Except for setting up an appointment for some massages (myaofascial).  I shall let you know if it improves anything.

  • maria1

    Had two massages myaofascial ,  they have improved the use of my hands and relieved the pains in my arms. ?It feels as tho there are rock solid muscles in my arms. The massage can be done using an elbow to put pressure on the other arm until the pain or pressure is released. I dont think insurance will cover any cost but physical therapy may help and is usually covered.

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